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VILMADOESNT profile image


Joined 10 years ago from United Arab Emirates




She loves the things she loves! Her terracota pot collections, her rock garden, her dendrobiums, her little pond, her experiments on colors as she paints... the sea, the sound of sea waves, the scent of sea breeze at the tip of her nose and the warm sea air on her face....she loves seeing moss growing on the barks of full grown trees proudly standing along winding roads , and the streaks of sunlight from her window in the morning......

In her home country she has a happy family of her own, living in a decent house, cars in her name , dogs and cats with which her children play along.

Her husband owns a farm with agricultural yields of golden rice grains and corn, and acres of land with mangoes and trees of other varieties....hmmmn... how she loved the sweet fresh scent of green-yellow mangoes hand-picked from the tree, given to her in a bunch by the husband whom she use to call as her 'strong farmboy'.... remembering those days...

She has children, yes, she is a mother of five loveable and healthy children, each with own individually unique and special character...with strong potentials to be artists, famous basketball player, musician, writer, singer and actor, ugh!

She has all of the above, enough to live a good life which every woman desires .... then why is she in a far-flung place, alone and remote from her family working till dusk???

A reason deeper than earning more money... is that reason above all that she is finding new world outside a world... it could be her own world...and along with that she is finding herself, her potentials, and herself outside her old shell ...maybe her true dictated by the subconscious.... "keep on going...take risks.."(no guts, no glory!!!)

that's why her husband keeps on saying she's a warrior, spartan lady, amazona (especially when there's a skirmish with oh! tag her with all tags, daddy!

But one thing is sure... her journey won't take long...coz stars are bound to guide her way... back to her terracota jars...back to her children, back to her husband, back to her nest...WHERE SHE REALLY BELONGS...

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    I cannot imagine any day passing by without myself wandering through the web, checking new e-mails, interacting in social networking sites, posting my blog or just simply surfing over. Computer is an effective tool for reminding me about pending...