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  • Learning Disorder in Children

    Learning Disorder in Children

    7 years ago

    Education is having a vital role in development of personality as far as a child is concerned. Therefore, we should take initiative to rectify any defects in children if it occurs. These days the learning disorder in children is not uncommon....

  • Make your journey comfortable

    Make your journey comfortable

    7 years ago

    Journeys are always memorable things. If it is, an outing in vacations enthusiasms will be more. Journeys can be towards long distance or short one. We should prepare ourselves for any type of journeys. The purpose of traveling should be there in...

  • 40 plus?HANG ON ONES LIPS

    40 plus?HANG ON ONES LIPS

    7 years ago

    Life is a flight journey. Its engine started years before. Our parents started the engine first time. They guided the flight through runway began to fly; it started flying after child hood and teenage.but after 40+ we should think more about our health.

  • Food Control

    Food Control

    7 years ago

    Sometimes there will not be any match between mouth and stomach. Mouth likes something and stomach needs something. Taste buds are there in mouth so usually give preference to first one. If we do not control it will leads to the failure of our body....

  • Prafulla Chandra Ray- The Great Indian Scientist.

    Prafulla Chandra Ray- The Great Indian Scientist.

    7 years ago

    Prafulla Chandra Ray was a great indian scientist who have given a new dimension for Indian science of chemistry.

  • Mango Facial Natural Way to Good Skin

    Mango Facial Natural Way to Good Skin

    7 years ago

    Mangoes, we call them “royal fruit”. There are wide varieties of mangoes. we use mangoes as juices, pickles and curries. Mangoes are very effective fruit for hot seasons. Mangoes have good vitamin-c content. Mangoes resist dehydration.

  • Control Hypertension.

    Control Hypertension.

    7 years ago

    Hypertension is a dangerous disease, which will attack you in an unexpected day. Hypertension used to hide within you for a long period without giving an indication. Suddenly one day it will cause heart attack or cerebral hemorrhage. Hypertension happens because of our life style. Doctor says to...

  • Transit of Venus on June 6,2012

    Transit of Venus on June 6,2012

    7 years ago

    It is about the rare phenomenon of TRANSIT OF VENUS which is likely to happen in coming June 6th.

  • Brahmagupta The Mathematician

    Brahmagupta The Mathematician

    7 years ago

    Brahmagupta-he followed the footprint of Aryabatta (which I mentioned in my previous hub “History of science2”).His lifetime was between AD 598 and AD660.We can say Brahmagupta was a maestro in Indian mathematics. Brahhmaguptha born in...

  • Sreenivasa Ramanujan the Great Mathematician.

    Sreenivasa Ramanujan the Great Mathematician.

    7 years ago

    This article is about a legend in numeral science.Who dreamed about mathematics.It is interesting that he used to dream abot maths and woke up in late nights and write that dreams about maths in his book.Such a great talent he was.

  • History of science 2

    History of science 2

    7 years ago

    This is the continuation of my previous hub on history of science.

  • What is Graphology?

    What is Graphology?

    7 years ago

    Here i am narrating some scientific approching on handwriting.

  • Hystory of science

    Hystory of science

    7 years ago

    The history of science started from long around five thousand years before Christ.Humankind came through different eras.lets check the history of science....

  • How we can secure our family budget?

    How we can secure our family budget?

    7 years ago

    Good home,car,good education for your children, their marriage and the other physical facilities these all are the dream of a common man.if we have good planning we can lead a good life. Income. Generally says deposit is nothing but we...

  • How to have and prepare good food?

    How to have and prepare good food?

    7 years ago

    Hi friends here I am going to narrate about consuming food and preparing food. There is much difference between avidity and food loving. Food loving is nothing but having good food when we are getting angry by enjoying the each part. Avidity is...

  • What are missiles?

    What are missiles?

    7 years ago

    Missiles are same like rockets in shape and principle. On the top of rocket there will be experimental equipment or human related things, then it will call as “launch vehicle” (LV).if on the top there are any war related weapons it will call as...

  • How do make Coconut chutney?

    How do make Coconut chutney?

    7 years ago

    Hi friends here am describing about a recipe. This item commonly uses in our place. This item we can prepare with in no time and easy also. There is no need of frying or boiling. This item actually refers as common people’s food.let us see how it...

  • How do make a toy weathercock with paper?

    How do make a toy weathercock with paper?

    7 years ago

    In the previous hub about toys ,i have explained how do we make a weathercock toy with palm leaf we are going to see how do we make a toy weathercock with paper.Here I am explaining the process with the help of pictures.In this i shown...

  • Our stomach

    Our stomach

    7 years ago

    Stomach is the widest part of our digesting lies just below the shapes like “j” when it is empty. The crushed and grounded food items from our mouth will move through digestive canal and reaches the stomach. The food will...

  • Things to remember regarding consumption of medicines

    Things to remember regarding consumption of medicines

    7 years ago

    It’s important that we should know the scientific method of consuming medicines. Commonly we say pills. Pills are safer, easy consumable and pills are distinguished from other type of medicines. It’s important that we should maintain a...

  • How to make toy weathercock with cocconut leaf.

    How to make toy weathercock with cocconut leaf.

    7 years ago

    Dear friends we can make a lots of toys for kids using our natural resources.In childhood days we used to make these types toys and we play with them .But nowadays these toys are uncommon, Because latest technologies and electronic toys are...

  • Our Sweet  heart

    Our Sweet heart

    7 years ago

    Hi friends first of all let’s check the position of our heart. Our heart lies slightly inclined towards left from our middle of our body. The broad area on the top side and sharp portion on bottom. One of third portion on right side and two...

  • the amazing fact about the mathematical constant π

    the amazing fact about the mathematical constant π

    7 years ago

    Archemedis The Amazing Factors About the Mathematical Constant "π" Hi friends i think all of us know that there is a mathematical constant we are using for various calculation in mathematics named PI .we denote it as a symbol "π".Do you know...


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