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I am Vin Chauhun and I like to write, and maybe fight. Just kidding! It kinda rhymed with write. I hope to entertain and even inform my fellow Hubbers and the rest of the Net Surfers out there. I am South African, born and bred under wide open skies and a climate most of the human race would kill for, be jealous!

There are many things that interest me, politics, religion, science, environment and nature, I’m not sure about all this global warming stuff, the focus should be more on environmental pollution.

I’m an electronics technician by trade but I spend more of my time as a writer. So far I have written mostly on Hubpages. I am also working on several novels, short stories and a compilation of short stories and poems called Shades of Gray, which is nearing completion and should be available for sale as an e-book end of August.

I will read anything and I like music from Pantera to Rammstein to Depeche Mode, you could say they are the Holy Trinity to me. My other interested include languages, especially the origin of languages and archaeology.

here are links on samples of the two current novels I'm working on



We writers, of whatever ilk or form, do seek and want some form of attention, so just for a second I was tempted to seek even more attention, by making up things about myself, but then this would become another Hub all on its own, ha ! Just the process of writing is enough to get me hemorrhaging words into WinWord.

I am a cat lover, period, full stop.

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