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    Indian politics after independence

    5 months ago

    India got Independence from the Britishers in 1947 and the constitution came into force in 1951. Politics for any country can make it strong and can also make it weak Politics in India has gone through many Ups and down but India with its unshaken belief has together remained strong.

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    Top 4 Deadly Wars in Last 25 Years

    12 months ago

    Is war inevitable? It's difficult to know. Learn about the 4 deadliest wars of the past 25 years in this informative article.

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    Mobile and Laptop Batteries

    19 months ago

    An electrochemical battery is a source of power that converts chemical energy into electrical energy. A battery generally consists of a positive electrode, negative electrode, separator and electrolyte. Many kinds of batteries are used in different electronic devices and electric vehicles.

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    Azim Premji- The man who donated more than 21 Billion Dollars.

    22 months ago

    Azim Premji is a successful business leader and tycoon who is known for his generous donations. He is also the first Indian and Asian to take the giving pledge. He is also the founder of a top leading IT industry in India, Wipro Industries.

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    What Is the "G" in 5G? (A Brief History)

    3 months ago

    The first cellular broadband network (1G) was launched in 1979. Many generations of cellular networks have been introduced since then. The technology industry has already begun started talking about 6G and 7G.

  • Top Hacks of all Time

    Top Hacks of all Time

    23 months ago

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    Cars and Speed

    24 months ago

    The first car made by Karl Benz going at a speed of 16 kmph to SSC claiming their machine to reach the mark of 500 kmph. Cars have always been about speed and thrill. This article tells about the first cars reaching the speed of 100 km/h, 200 kmph, 300 kmph, 350 kmph, 400 kmph, 450 kmph & 500 km/h.

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    Pranav Mistry and His Sixthsense Technology

    2 years ago

    Pranav Mistry is the inventor of SixthSense Technology. This is one of the best devices ever made by an Indian. This technology can make the digital world move forward. Pranav Mistry is now working with Star labs as the CEO.

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    Workplace Impact on Work

    2 years ago

    Workplace is a place of employment where people perform tasks, jobs and project for their employer. This place can range from a home office to large factory buildings. A school is also a workplace to both student and teacher. Positive work environment is very important in an employees life.


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