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Hello, My name is Violet. I am a wife, and have 2 wonderful boys. Austin is 12 years old, and Tyler is 10 years old. My husband Ken and I have been married for 3 years, but together for 6 years. I am on my 2nd marriage, and let me tell you on thing; NEVER get married when you are 18 and only know the person for a short period of time. Mistakes happen, but I can't deny I did get 2 handsome boys and a second chance. I will go in to more details about the whole first marriage failing another day. (I have some things to share that could change some lives) Right now I am a school lunch cook. It's not as bad as I once perceived it to be, I get all the days off that the kids do. We have some fish, chickens, and 2 dogs. Diamond and Saddie are our dog's names. I am here to talk about what it's like being a wife, mom, and a penny pencher. Hopefully my "ramblings" will inspire and even help some of you out.

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