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Hello and welcome to my profile page!

I have been away from Hubpages for over a year as I decided to turn my mid-life crisis into a learning experience. 20 years+ working in the healthcare sector have not only burned me out but convinced me of the futility of allopathic medicine. When my parents' recent health challenges were poorly addressed by medical professionals, I turned my back on western medicine once and for all and embraced energy healing. My parents' recovery has been nothing short of miraculous, leading me to undergo formal training in both conventional psychology and energy psychology modalities such as EFT. It has been an eventful year, filled with love and learning. I'm here to tell those of you who have been poorly served by conventional medicine that there is a better alternative.

I know now that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, that each of us is here on Earth for a purpose that is self-determined. Conventional medicine has failed many of us and our loved ones, but there is hope for those of us with open minds and hearts. Human beings must be treated holistically and energetically because we are not merely physical, biological beings, but energetic beings with physical, mental and emotional bodies. The Mind-Body connection can both sustain us and undermine our health. Knowledge of this connection allows us to understand, accept, and ultimately transform our lives and the lives of those around us.

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