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Hello there! My name is VivBounty. Welcome to my hub pages. Here I hope to share my journey to prosperity, that I call my safari to success, international life experiences, and ongoing learning carving a unique niche which is VivBounty's Safari To Success.

After having lived on four continents I am now able to focus on being an Inspirational Blogger and Internet Marketer with Lead Generating Tools (LGT) as my marketing dashboard. Affilate marketing provides me with multiple streams of income ongoing live workshops help me keep up all the latest Internet marketing trends with

I love write about my experiences hoping to inspire others, brand myself online, and most importantly, being the travel bug that I am, earn a living from home, anywhere in the world.

Being a member of the legal, government-registered, F5M-Millionaires-Club which uses a 17-year-old Wealth System(TM) to pay members daily in every free country worldwide allows me to earn my living online while pursuing my passion for inspiring others through my writing.

My experience with people from all around the world has enhanced my ability to understand and enjoy cultural and economic diversity. My list of professions spanning 31 years includes Banking, leisure and corporate Travel, Reiki practitioner and currently inspirational blogger and Internet marketer.

The bottom line is that I love to work with people, and facilitate in them a “can-do” attitude, whether it is assisting with a task, sharing a meditation to inspire self-improvement and/or self-healing or just lending an empathic ear. I also love to write about my pets and the wonderful experience of living in the country and thus was born my VivBounty Country Living blog.

I write and operate three blogs, articles of interest, like my Career In Travel And Tourism site; mostly inspirational and affiliate marketing, with a flow towards manifestation of abundance in all forms, hence my brand name, VivBounty.

Follow me as I share milestones of my joyful journey of abundance in all it forms, especially joy. Speaking of journeys, I also have a hub page focused on travels which will adds to my online income and one which I learned quickly from my friend and Internet marketer and business partner, TrudyVan who has several hubs.

Last but not least, I love my pets, Pedro and Scampy. I write about them on my Pet blog and share articles which help foster holistic veterinarian approach to a healthy, longer, non-toxic life. Please feel free to grab my free guide to your dog's diet and 5-part mini how-to tips which separates responsible pet parents from the rest.

Along the way I hope to inspire you on your own adventure of discovery, realizing your dreams, just as I am realizing mine.

Prosperous Blessings,


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