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What a difference a few months makes.

I’m Elizabeth, but I’ve been called Lisa since I was 2 months old. Some of you might remember Trixie and Vivian Danger. Trixie ran off with some drum and bass groupies many years ago and V.D. has gone into retirement and left me her props, wardrobe and sarcasm.

I’m not the best esthetician or makeup artist ever, but my goal is to help keep you informed, educated and not bamboozled by hype, misinformation and greed. I’ve seen a lot of bullshit in the beauty industry and am appalled at what some ‘respected professionals’ rattle off to consumers on a regular basis.

Naturally curly haired, I straighten it into submission which means that I believe in high-maintenance Hollywood wives hair that you’d find in a Jackie Collins novel. I am not a wife, nor do I still reside in Hollywood….

I’m of Spanish and Lithuanian descent and was born in Hollywood, CA on June 7th in a hospital (Cedars of Lebanon) that would later become the headquarters for the Church of Scientology. My life has never ceased to be interesting.

I listen to music whenever possible. I don’t like condiments, generally, and I can eat my body weight in sushi.

Glamour and junk are in my blood. not the kind that writers wax rhapsodic about; the kind that you find at swap meets and flea markets. Legend has it that my parents actually met at the San Fernando Swap Meet.

I’ve studied at the following schools: Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles City College, Santa Monica College, UCLA Extension, and have taken all sorts of training for fun and business.

I'll eventually obtain at least a BA in Psychology, since I analyze everything anyway, might as well get paid for it someday!

I have also been known to dress up and masquerade as a ‘glamour model.’ Anyone can have the chance to be a z-list internet celebrity.

I also worked in the entertainment industry as a background regular on the last season of House, among other television shows like Dexter, Californication, Weeds, even Hannah Montana (LOL). You name it and I have probably worked on it

You can find more of me on the web here:


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