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  • Another Styrofoam Heart

    Another Styrofoam Heart

    7 months ago

    Being dumped. Yeah, it sucks. Being dumped by someone who never cared in the first place? Double ouch.

  • Where Dream[er]s Go To Die

    Where Dream[er]s Go To Die

    7 months ago

    I used to get so focused on creating the perfect structural and imagery-filled poem that I would edit and edit and edit, until there was nothing left of me in it. It was pretty, but meaning was lost.

  • Happily Never After

    Happily Never After

    7 months ago

    Relationships are hard. Sometimes the timing just isn't right, or you're not on the same page in terms of long-term goals. Sometimes you just can't read them.

  • Poetry Keeps Me up at Night

    Poetry Keeps Me up at Night

    7 months ago

    Every poet has been there--on the brink of sleep--and then it happens. The lines start coming and they just won't stop, and you have to write them, or they'll never let you rest.

  • Flimsy Glimpses of the Soul

    Flimsy Glimpses of the Soul

    7 months ago

    Nobody is perfect. We all have things hidden inside us that people might not be able to see right away. We should always remember that people can change in the space of a moment.