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Heyas :D

I'm a recent college graduate from Cincinnati, Ohio, with a wide variety of interests. I love to cook/bake (and eat the results, if edible), read, watch movies, play video games or board games, and sleep... a lot.

I've had a zoo of animals so far, but right now it's down to "only" two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a gerbil. They keep me on my toes and outsmart me at least once a day. They've inspired me to be creative and practical in all aspects of life.

I like to look for the best deals when shopping and frequently spend hours online just trying to find something for a dollar or two cheaper. I can list average prices for an insane amount of items (both in virtual auction houses for video games and in real life situations). This tends to either make me really useful or rather annoying :P. I think it's quite enjoyable to read reviews and compare retailers, and it's taught me to value the opinions of others when making decisions.

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