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Hi! I'm a DIY-How to-Self Improvement-Otaku-Ramen junkie from the sunny state of California!

The majority of my Hubs are written in the How-to ______ format. I love learning something new and then basically writing a manual for it. I tried using a blog for this, but it really didn't work for me very well. Once I write a guide on a subject, I'm done. I won't be posting new articles on the subject of henna, for example, because I said all I had to say on it and I want to move on to something else.

That's the fun. Learning about something, then moving on to the next thing! Thanks to Hubpages, I get to take readers along for the ride with me. :)

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  • How to make your own sls free shampoo? Go shampoo free!

    How to make your own sls free shampoo? Go shampoo free!

    6 years ago

    Have you ever thought about making your own natural shampoo at home? It's not as crazy as it sounds. Going shampoo free can be a wonderful choice for the health of your hair, as well as your pocketbook. This...

  • How to Henna Your Hair

    How to Henna Your Hair

    7 years ago

    So, you're sick of your hair color, and want to do something about it. But, getting your hair colored at a salon is expensive. Why pay someone else to do something you're more than capable of doing yourself at home,...