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Hello, and welcome! Allow me to introduce myself: I am Waning Light, a young man who loves anime, manga, video games, writing, music, cats, nekomimi, Dungeons & Dragons, and various other things I can't think of at the moment.

I am known by my friends to be intelligent (if absent-minded), honorable (if somewhat dark), creative (if a bit lazy), and very good at giving advice. All in all, I'm a good, if strange, person.

I'm also working on a manga, but while I'm decent at both artwork and writing, my specialty lies in building stories. I would love to have an interested artist bring my story to life.

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    EDIT: Before you ask me to help because this doesn't work or whatever problem you're having, please don't. I do not have access to an Action Replay anymore, I simply cannot help you beyond what I provide here. I find...