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Laundry Machines are a definite necessity in most households today. Built to last as well as efficiently clean and dry your most delicate to rugged and soiled garments, they are a must have accessory for the home along with fridges and stoves. Most brands of laundry machines are quite simple in design. Most laundry machines will last for years with proper use.

With that said I will state that most break downs are through improper usage. Using years of experience repairing Washing machines and Dryers I will explain how break downs happen and how you can possibly do minor repairs yourself.

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  • My Front Load Washer Is Not Draining

    My Front Load Washer Is Not Draining

    7 years ago

    Usually when a front load washer is not draining properly the problem could be one of two things. Either the user has put in too much soap or the pump is blocked. As stated before front load washers use very little...