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My name is Bert Aguirre. Before all things, I am an artist. I love the idea of creation in whatever form it takes: music, design, sculpture, architecture, writing, cooking--anything!

In the early part of my life, my activities and training centered on things musical and theatrical, resulting in a degree in music education, six years spent teaching band, and my current musical gig as the director of a local community band. Most of my thinking as a writer, a cook or anywhere else is influenced by my musical roots.

Six years into my career, I switched to teaching the English language arts at a middle school and have been there ever since. From this experience I have developed a love for writing that has culminated in a master's of the fine arts degree in creative writing. Fiction is my first love, but I work in many areas now.

In my writing, my desire is always to bring value to my reader whether it be through experiencing a vivid story, discovering new ways of thinking about things, or learning how to cook a new dish.

I have had the great honor of having four of my articles selected by the Hubpages staff as worthy of being featured on the website as a "Hub of the Day." If you'd like to check them out, click on this link: Wayseeker's Hubs of the Day Archive

Here is a list of links to collections of my articles on various topics:

* Cooking
* Creative Writing
* Poetry
* Fiction
* Memoir
* Academic Writing
* Music
* Education
* Parenting
* Chrsitianity

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