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I am a search marketing expert with over 11 years of experince in online marketing. I have a track record of helping many companies drive revenue from various online marketing strategies.

Another passion that I have is in aquarium fish. I have kept aquarium fish since 2001 and I currently own a 67 gallon aquarium system with a variety of freshwater fish, including a Leopard Bushfish, an Azureus Cichlid, a pair of Red Fin Borleyi Cichlids, a pair of Sulfur Head Cichlids, A pair of Kribensis, 3 German Blue Rams, a few Apistogrammas and some algea eating fish.

I really enjoy keeping aquarium fish and find aquariums to bring traquility to any room they are placed in. African Cichlids are especially fun to keep because they have their own unique personalities and display colors that compare to many marine fish. I have posted several hubs about these different aquarium fish and hope that you will enjoy reading them.

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