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Joined 9 years ago




_______________ Business & Finance _______________

Warren Buffett News

Articles covering Warren Buffett: Picking Warren Buffett's Brain for Investment Tips ...
Warren Buffett The Billionaire Next Door Goes Global
Warren Bufett, says he looks for good solid businesses ...

Businesses You Can Start Tomorrow

Entrepreneurship is hard, but it is not only for the well-heeled and overly educated. Entrepreneurship is for those who Have some common sense and plenty of determination ...There are plenty of businesses you can start on a shoestring budget and without specialized skills or a fancy degree.
(The Start Your Own Business Bible) by Richard Walsh,

Entrepreneurship You Can Start Your Own Business Tomorrow ...

needs a small businesses loan to start? Code 8836


money and wealth become rich immediately?

Technology and Internet

Supercomputing software research

Cloud Computing Explained

SEO search engines:

driving tons of paying traffic to your website...

Internet Marketing

Business and Employment

Marketing and Sales

how to create a blog and becoming a better blogger...

Home-Based Businesses

_______________ Business & Finance _______________

Build you a hub bio
I have found my niche in bloging and helping others learn new techniques:

. smiles a lot and is generally happy
. gives to others and wants nothing in return
. thanks others
. helps others
. listens to others without judging
. takes the blame or responsibility for faults
. gives others credit for successes
. absorbs negative behavior from others with tolerance and understanding

Blogs vs Stories
I like posting articles here on HubPages were you can reach a variety or new readers


Important part of marketing:

A growing portion of that money is going into social media. Major corporations are recognizing the power of sites such as Facebook to reach large numbers of people.

social media.MONEY "creative advertisements" A popular way to reach out to the general public. A growing portion of - money is going into social media.

Apple is one of the best companies at doing this. Their commercials with many bloggers who - spread the word.

Viral marketing is an evolving process, however some companies like facebook are clearly leading the way.

Popular Topics

Niche Markets

A narrowly defined market of overlooked or ignored customers within the larger marketplace.

niche markets provide essential services by creating a business to fill an unfilled service or product need

Marketing for Small Business Small Business Achieving your goals: requires having a broad-based marketing strategy, and time plus the resources to carry out your plan. Internet related networks like these social marketing sites, blog networks, ad networks etc. Explore effectiveness and low cost marketing opportunities ...

Ad Campaigns

You can utilize print or interactive media to send your message out to your targeted audience. Many use of a variety of media such as TV ads, radio spots, print materials, internet ads.

The fastest growing media for ad campaigns is internet ads. Some use websites with Google AdWords or AdSense, or banner ads, Facebook Ads, Yahoo Search Marketing ads or affiliate marketing ads.

outdoor ad campaigns: such as billboards or wall posters. Handbills, brochures and door hangers get used as newspaper inserts and mailers for local campaigns ...

Online Advertising

Learn how to sell your product or service more effectively to specific demographic profiles using online advertising.

online ad networks such as Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Google AdSense, Double Click , Facebook Ads continues to grow.

Online ads include contextual ads on search engine pages, banner ads, social network ads, e-mail marketing, Rich Media ads, and advertising networks ...


Aimed at a targeted audience persuasive communication with the help of graphic designers and media specialists.

Advertising makes use of print media like magazines and brochures; interactive media like web casts, web video, TV ads and radio ads; direct mail; and outdoor advertising like billboards.

New media advertising using Google AdWords or Facebook ads on websites bring targeted marketing messages with a themed message to a vast numbers of potential customers at a low cost via the internet ....

Home & Family

How to make your special wedding day perfect, Many couples hire a professional wedding planner, To ensure your perfect wedding day, Trends in wedding invitations, flower decorations or honeymoon destinations. On a tight budget or if you want to have a more econ-friendly event, celebrity and royal Weddings and Wedding Planning reception...

Check out this comprehensive topic on weddings

Aging Parents
Family and Parenting,Parenting Skills, Styles and Advice, Aging Parents. There are 78 million baby boomers in the U.S. today, representing the fastest-growing, largest-spending segment of any single demographic in history. Boomers manage their own lives, and often those of older and younger family members.
Boomer Caring for Aging Parents

Entertainment Industry


Entertainment and Media

Movies and Movie Reviews

Action and Adventure Films

Entertainment Media Celebrities

Nerd is the new Cool

The Millennial Generation phenomena... really tech-savvy young people. "new trends emerge" You’re only limited by your imagination.

Fashion & Beauty

Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 Fashion Show Finale
Famous Fashion Designers and their creations, fashion shows,

Fashion Designers Color at it's best!

(just put your arrow over the photo and click again and again to view fashion color show)

Travel & Places



California travel expert Veronica Hill

California Travel VIdeos

The complete library of California travel videos from California travel expert Veronica Hill, host of the online travel show, "California Travel Tips."

Recreation Sports Fishing vacation

What do you like most about Fishing?

Paradise Giant Fish tropical Thailand vacation

The World Largest Gold FishFisherman Catches 30 Pound Goldfish World's Biggest Koi Carp Captured


Sea world vacation california

New York City

Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Nassau Paradise Island



Letting Go hubpages Women: Want Him Back? Does It Seem Hopeless? UnEquated love Drama!? Unrequited love? unrewarded, thankless, unreturned love.

Drama of a girl who is fatally attracted to her boyfriend but he doesn't have the same feelings for her.

Rejection: the action of someone rejecting your love. The state of your love being rejected.
lost love: what to do with unrequited love?

Do you have a marriage that does not fit the traditional marriage role?

Addiction Relationships cause a lot of pain and hurt! it's a roller-coaster ride of addiction for Some addicts move from one addiction to another... addictive behavior: can lead to abuse, violence and threats putting the partner in real danger. Learn more about how to survive in a relationship where addiction plays a big role-

Popular Topics

Share strategies and offer advice to the workforce, maybe you have learned how to say no to the office bully.

Job- training...

Apprenticeships › Education + Training

Find apprenticeships and apprenticeship programs at CareerOneStop.

› Education + Training


Dietary Restrictions for Health Diabetic Recipes


Individual's handle job stress differently ...
keeping employees healthy and happy, Job stress is a major cause of health problems.

Prescription and over-the-counter drugs Insurance

HealthDiseases, Disorders and Conditions Diabetes

"amount of sleep a person needs"



free Stuff

The Double Savings

Observe Extreme Couponing

new freebies daily

(such things as product samples, mouse pads, educational products, DVDs, CD-ROMs, posters, games, jewelry, magazines, pet freebies, food, clothing, stickers,- all kinds of great free stuff)

Pets & Animals

How Can Owning a Dog or Cat Can Reduce Stress?

The Health Benefits of Pet Ownership.

Pets Can Improve Your Mood,

Pets Control Blood Pressure Better Than Drugs,

Pets Encourage You To Get Out And Exercise,

Pets Can Help With Social Support:

Pets Stave Off Loneliness and Provide Unconditional Love.

Pets Can Reduce Stress—Sometimes More Than People...


(video gamesempire-building) Game Strategy and Tactics

Hobbies Computer Educational Video Games are even more diversified; Exciting Entertainment developments, with many different Video Games that takes fun to a whole new leavel-Extream, puzzle games, music games, action games, sports games or party games. Many different consoles, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS and PSP and PC's gaming...

Books & Writing

Seeking to hire a ghostwriter?

Looking for work as a ghostwriter?

Freelance websites opportunity

_______________ Business & Finance _______________

10 best programs we found on how to make money fast and the majority of them address how to make money online fast. If you have a computer, go for it. legitimate programs where people actually - have success ...

it takes work.

it takes time .

it takes motivation...

Exactly what you need to do for massive results:
businesses to get more clients, in less time, with less effort.
It is vital because to get the business you desire your image must fit what it is you do.
a stylist that looked a hot mess? There clothes weren't matching, fashionable, clean or even neat and their hair hasn't been washed or cared for in forever, would you hire them as your stylist? No!

business success
more motivation
in your niche
start working on something ASAP
Walking-the-Talk marketing mentor

Personal Finance

if someone gave you something right now, today that would automatically pay you, $300 per month

,every month, how many of them would you want?
a portfolio of highly effective, highly targeted, and precisely positioned - websites Click Here Now
specific business categories and then quickly leasing those spaces to local businesses in your market…

Smart Money Habits

Motivational videos, books and posters are inexpensive motivators

Find out more about using motivational videos, books and posters...

Retirement benefits opportunity Pension Plans health benefits for employees at retirement.

Purchase structured settlements

Business & Jobs on vacation

Chip prices up after Japan last week's 9.0Mw earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown ...

Mar 15, 2011 ... Chip prices up after Japan earthquake,tsunami, nuclear meltdown fears ... and tsunami in Japan, and subsequent nuclear meltdown fears ...

Mar 11, 2011 ... Japan was hit by one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded on Friday. The magnitude-9.0,

Business Prosperity Jobs Employment Canada

Canada Vacation - see the northern lights - Norway, Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Antarctica and what time of year to go - Plan your Trip to Canada ...

Financial Challenges "The Big Fix"
Bottom-line WEALTH Transfer
Welcome To Mike Dillard's 90 Minute "Tell-All" Presentation!

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