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My friends call me...sometimes...in the meantime I have a deep and profound love for cooking, travel (I've done a lot of it) law and business, and (perhaps most of all) new technology and the integration of it into modern internet marketing principles. I also enjoy designing websites as something of a hobby and have a been successful with several different platforms...helped pay my way through school actually. I went to a modest California state university and now I'm working my way up the corporate ladder as rapidly as I possibly can.

I like aquariums and 80's punk music as well, and I am willing to take up any new hobby that holds even a modicum of interest for me.

Please read and enjoy my hubs. I'm glad to be here on hubpages

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  • Google's Driverless Car Project - Is It Real?

    Google's Driverless Car Project - Is It Real?

    3 months ago

    In 2012, a news story took the world by surprise - Google announced that it had created a driverless car that could navigate safely independently of human control. All around the world people asked each other, “Have...