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wesleycox profile image


Joined 9 years ago from Back in Texas, at least until August 2012




My foremost and most proudest title in this world is Father and Husband. After that you can call me writer of various things. I've written numerous pieces about a variety of topics as you'll see from my hub history. I recently discovered poetry thanks to a wonderful person here on Hubpages that inspired me to try it out. Some of my favorite poems that I wrote include:

Suicide: A Poem

Divorce: A Poem

My Wife: A Poem

Wintry Night: A Poem

I, however, am not just a poet if you choose to call me that. I have also written some stories that to me were funny, some of my friends also found them to be funny. They are:

Embarrassment at the Gym

Grouse Hunt

Topsey Exotic Ranch

Again this is not all I am. I have written pieces to teach like my work out instuctions, diamond purchasing instructions, I've even taught how to build walls. I've talked about my top ten list of things I love, and hopefully you will too.

I currently have three novels in progress, but as a terrible procrastinator I've not yet finished them. Someday I will, and someday you will get to see one on bookstore shelves everywhere.

Aside from the above mentioned things that I am, I am also a Soldier. I work on vehicles as a mechanic and my dream car is a 1970 Chevelle. Some say the 69 was better but I disagree and have to say the 70. I suppose I should say that I have deployed to Iraq four times and am currently serving my fourth combat tour here in Iraq.

My poetry has been compared, on a reminiscent note, to that of Edgar Allan Poe. I am deeply honored and humbled by this comparison but feel it is not deserved as I only recently started into poetry.

Other than that I haven't much more to say except, "Enjoy your time on my page and I hope you enjoy reading my writings."

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