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  • Redistribution of Wealth? Or the undamming of the money flow?

    Redistribution of Wealth? Or the undamming of the money flow?

    7 years ago

    You can't have your gold and keep it too! This whole "Redistribution of wealth" tag-line comes from the Russian Revolution. When indeed the people who took over the government, redistributed captured wealth to the people. However eventually that...

  • Is Writing Egotistical?

    Is Writing Egotistical?

    9 years ago

    St. Albans' Editorial Services Of course writing is an act of ego. However we are here not to "define" ourselves with our writing, but rather to reach out to others and give our opinions, our ideas, our ethics, etc. to others and so get a sense of...

  • My Fortean Life

    My Fortean Life

    7 years ago

    Pterosaur captured! thunderbird Sighted! By David T. St. Albans 2012 *The definition of "Fortean" is at the bottom of this article. Like so many of my kind, creative and imaginative, I awoke this morning with an urgent need to write this...

  • Dracula's Book: The Journals Of Vlad Draculya: The Impaler

    Dracula's Book: The Journals Of Vlad Draculya: The Impaler

    9 years ago

    ar Reader: This is the beginning of my book: Blood of the Dragon: The journals of Vlad Draculya, the Impaler, which was first published by iUniverse (and can still be purchased there) in 2004. This is the revised version (without the font and...

  • The Secrets you should know about The Secret!

    The Secrets you should know about The Secret!

    9 years ago

    The Secret by Rhonda Byrne First of all you may be asking, "Does The Secret really work?" Many people may believe that The Secret is just another bunch of spiritual hippie or new age hokum. It is not. It works. I have worked it myself for over...

  • My Life in Alternative Health

    My Life in Alternative Health

    8 years ago

    When I told my mother I wanted to be an artist, she said: "You'll starve to death and die in the gutter." My father (divorced from my mother at the time), thought it was a good thing, but only if I could work for some big corporation like Disney....

  • What to do about Financial Discrimination?

    What to do about Financial Discrimination?

    10 years ago

    Get a Job! Not while you carry all that debt! Financial discrimination. Yes, you heard me. Financial discrimination. We used to be worried about people being discriminated against based on race, culture, creed, politics, national origin, or...

  • The Vampyre Society

    The Vampyre Society

    8 years ago

    I bid you welcome, enter freely and of your own will, and leave some of the joy you bring with you! Your friend, D. Welcome my friends and fiends to the Vampyre Society on Hubpages! My name is David St. Albans and I will be your host for these...

  • Real American: Vital Statistic

    Real American: Vital Statistic

    10 years ago

    Long May She Wave! I am a Real American. And I have become a statistic. When did Americans become numbers? Long about the time Eisenhower came on television in the 1950's warning about the "Military-Industrial complex" the world had begun to...

  • A Letter to Obama

    A Letter to Obama

    10 years ago

    Mr. President, Listen to the People. I'm wondering if you really see the desperate position our country is facing? We suffer now from unparalleled unemployment. Major catastrophes in the banking industry and Wall Street are wreaking havoc on the...

  • Is Your AntiVirus Product Enough?

    Is Your AntiVirus Product Enough?

    10 years ago

    Compuhazard sign,copyright 2009 St. Albans Art Studio Do you run a known antivirus product like Norton or McAfee on your home or work PC? If you do you probably feel ever so safe knowing you have the ultimate protection from the myriad viruses and...

  • David St. Alban's First Ever Hub

    David St. Alban's First Ever Hub

    10 years ago

    My Novel of the True Dracula! I invested 15 years of blood, sweat and tears into "re-vamping" the Dracula Legend. I have put Dracula back into the realm of true monsters of nature. No longer just the "dapper" well-dressed Count of Transylvania....


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