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  • All About a Cord of Wood

    All About a Cord of Wood

    2 years ago

    A cord of wood is described as stacks of split wood cut into pieces long enough to fill an eight feet long, four feet high and 4 feet deep profile.

  • Fishing Pikes Peak

    Fishing Pikes Peak

    2 years ago

    In June of 2012, our family decided to spend a weeks vacation in Colorado Springs CO. The plan was to head to Colorado, check in to the hotel and play it by ear. The only activity I was sure about was fishing. I was absolutely determined to find a spot where my daughter and I would have a chance to...

  • Using VBScript To Search Inside Files

    Using VBScript To Search Inside Files

    2 years ago

    VBScript has a few powerful methods to search through different types of text files to acquire information. This information can be passed on to other scripts, used to make business decisions or even used to identify problems and come up with a resolution. Some of the commonly used methods used...

  • How to Remove a Mildew Smell From a Window Air Conditioner

    How to Remove a Mildew Smell From a Window Air Conditioner

    2 years ago

    Learn how to get rid of the musty, mildew-y smell coming from your window AC unit and stop the stink!

  • How to Add Freon to a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800

    How to Add Freon to a 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix 3800

    45 hours ago

    Over time, your car's A/C will become less and less effective, emitting warm instead of cool air. Adding freon is a quick and easy fix to make your car's A/C blow cold air again.

  • Write VBScript

    Write VBScript

    2 years ago

    The power of VBScript, which interacts with the Windows script host, has been known by Administrators, developers, analysts and others since its inception in 1996. This scripting language, sometimes known as “vb scripting”, gives users the ability to search and monitor Active Directory, get...

  • Starter Removal:  1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

    Starter Removal: 1999 Pontiac Grand Prix

    2 years ago

    An engine that takes too long to start, that doesn't start one day but starts the next, that turns over sluggishly or just gives you a click: these may indicate a starter that needs replacement.

  • VBScript Logging

    VBScript Logging

    2 years ago

    Log files generated during the runtime of software applications can tell an administrator a lot about how the application is functioning, what stage it is at during the runtime and how long it may the application runs from startup to completion. A VBScript programmer can generate a log file for...

  • About Spinnerbaits

    About Spinnerbaits

    2 years ago

    There are many variations of this “go-to” lure, but overall, it has stayed the same since the early 1950s. The spinnerbait incorporates a “safety-pin” overhead blade design bent at roughly 90 degrees going down to a cone shaped lead head and finally a hook. A skirt, made out of plastic or...

  • Buying an Old Tin Boat

    Buying an Old Tin Boat

    7 years ago

    There are a ton of new boats for sale, but boat prices and the cost of boat ownership make one wonder if it’s worth it to own a new boat. Depending on what the boat will be used for, one should consider an old tin boat as an option, especially if fishing is the main reason the boat is being...

  • Split Function

    Split Function

    2 years ago

    The VBScript split function makes easy work out of searching text files for information. This function separates each line by a character, chosen by the programmer, and places each word in the line as an item in an array. For example, the comma is commonly used to separate csv files. Each line...

  • Fishing Arkansas

    Fishing Arkansas

    2 years ago

    In March of 2010, our family decided to spend Spring break in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. The plan was to visit Crater of Diamonds State Park, dig up a few diamonds, then retire to our little red cabin on the tailwaters of lake Greeson, just below Narrows dam. Needless to say, we didn’t get rich...

  • Advantages of Array

    Advantages of Array

    2 years ago

    Although VBScript arrays make it easy to sort through clusters of information, many programmers ignore them for the simple fact that they’re not as easy to understand as other methods within this scripting language. Arrays can be used to sort through data for all kinds of information. An example...

  • VBScript Environment Variables

    VBScript Environment Variables

    2 years ago

    Applications make use of environment variables either by writing to or reading from them at different times during the runtime of a program. System administrators, IT analysts and anyone else using VBScript, can take advantage of the WshShl.Environment object to read these variables. They can be...

  • Gar Fishing

    Gar Fishing

    2 years ago

    “How can I catch those longnose gar?” This question has been asked by many anglers. Fishing for Gar can be a challenge assuming a fisherman is using conventional tactics such as a hook, line and float. Longnose gar have a long narrow boney snout full of needle-like teeth. This makes hooking...

  • Text File Search

    Text File Search

    2 years ago

    Applications often report on their status by writing to log files. These log files contain a wealth of information and can be used by system administrators to determine the health of a computing system. Searching these log files manually would take hours, if not days. VBScript offers the...

  • Ping Script

    Ping Script

    2 years ago

    At times, when programming with VBScript, a programmer will want to know if a list of computers are connected to a network and powered on. Often times, prior to a major change, or when trouble shooting user issues, an IT professional will want to know if a device is connected to the network and...

  • Searching for a String within a Registry Key

    Searching for a String within a Registry Key

    2 years ago

    Software programs write data to strings within a computer's registry keys. A VBScript programmer can take advantage of this to determine the state of a program prior to executing further instructions within their code. This can be accomplished by accessing the WScript.Shell object within the...

  • VBScript


    2 years ago

    Don’t overlook the power of this scripting language! Administrators, developers, analysts and others have all discovered the power of Microsoft VBScript. VBScript, sometimes called “VBScripting” is a Scripting language that was introduced by Microsoft back in 1996. Many technical workers have...

  • Point Adjustment

    Point Adjustment

    2 years ago

    After the flywheel has been removed from the outboard engine, the points and associated components will all be exposed. The points are attached to lever arms which make contact with a cam that either slides on to a shaft or is integrated with the shaft. This is known as a camshaft. Points control...

  • Panic Room

    Panic Room

    2 years ago

    “What would you do if you were confronted by a home invader?” A lot of people think the answer is to go for a weapon, but is there really time for this? Will the homeowner have a weapon readily available? Assuming they could get to the weapon in time, would they really use it? Another option...

  • Removing Outboard Flywheel

    Removing Outboard Flywheel

    2 years ago

    Once the lower unit and fuel system has been taken care of, the points should be inspected, cleaned and adjusted. To get to this area, the flywheel has to be removed using a flywheel removal tool or sometimes called a “flywheel puller”. The puller comes with a series of bolts that attach to the...

  • Outboard Carburetor Cleaning

    Outboard Carburetor Cleaning

    2 years ago

    Old 2 cycle outboard motors used a mixture of gasoline and oil. These outboards are like any other small two cycle engine in that if they are allowed to sit in a corner for years, as most of them have prior to purchase, the fuel mixture takes on a consistency similar to varnish. When this happens,...

  • Removing Outboard Lower Unit

    Removing Outboard Lower Unit

    2 years ago

    Once a used outboard has been purchased, it’s time to clean it up and decide how much work it is going to take to get the motor running again. At any point in time during these steps, one may decide that the motor is not worth repair and may be best used as a parts motor. During this process, it...

  • Buying an Antique Outboard Motor

    Buying an Antique Outboard Motor

    2 years ago

    People who don’t have thousands of dollars sitting around should consider a used or antique outboard motor as an alternative to newer, high-cost outboards. Antique outboard motors made in the 1940s through the 1970s were simple motors, which made them fairly easy to work on. Department stores,...

  • Tornado Shelter

    Tornado Shelter

    2 years ago

    As tornado activity increases in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and other areas of the United States, more and more people are considering storm shelters, or what some may call a “tornado shelter”, as a means to protect themselves and their families. This is a very smart choice and one that is hard...


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