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Ever since my earliest memories I have always been interested in how things work. Never content with what my toys had to offer, one Saturday morning I was even caught with the back removed from my mothers washing machine with its electric motor laid on the floor at my side.

Initially my curiosity lead me to a career in the construction industry where I loved the challenges of design over specification ( those darn architects lol). My children still get pleasure shouting "Look there's that ....... daddy helped build" as we travel up, down and around our home counties.

Today and for the last few years my interests have swayed from building bridges and such and settled firmly in the work from home industry. Rather than do what most seem to do I made a point of finding out how it works before even trying to get it working.

That was undoubtedly the best move that I have ever made. Now happily settled in my role as a Social Media Manager, I not only have far greater control over my life, I get to walk my children to school and make plans for the future.

Life is what you make it.

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