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    America's Vanished Treasures: The American Chestnut Tree

    6 months ago

    The fate of an American landmark is one of the saddest stories in recent history. The American Chestnut tree was an integral part of the forest landscape when settlers arrived on American shores. However after a airborne virus was introduced, the trees were wiped out by the billions.

  • America's Vanished Treasures: The Carolina Parakeet

    America's Vanished Treasures: The Carolina Parakeet

    7 months ago

    New arrivals to the new land of America were startled by amazing sight. In a flash of green and gold, they were introduced to one of the most interesting creatures most had ever seen. This beautiful bird was the Carolina Parakeet. It was one of North America's most colorful species.

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    Daredevils and Human Flies

    11 months ago

    During the era between 1905 to 1929, the first daring adventurers known as human flies began clambering up buildings all over the world. Other daredevils jumped rather than climbed to gain fame and fortune.

  • Bolt from the Blue: Bizarre Lightning Stories

    Bolt from the Blue: Bizarre Lightning Stories

    2 years ago

    Throughout recent history there have been strange and even bizarre stories of lightning strikes, From a purported healing, to some rather weird deaths, here are the odd tales of nature at it's wildest.

  • Strangest Mysteries of World War 2

    Strangest Mysteries of World War 2

    16 months ago

    As World War II raged on worldwide, strange reports began to circulate. Of phantoms from a previous war still appearing in the skies, ghostly appearances, and strange sightings on isolated islands in the Pacific.

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    The Wild Early Days of Television

    10 months ago

    In the early days of television, the shows were live, and anything that could happen usually did. Aside from the famous Faye Emerson wardrobe malfunction, lines were often flubbed, sometimes the stagehands would appear onstage during the program, and more.

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    The Case for Animal Esp and Telepathy

    16 months ago

    Do animals have a basic form of telepathy? From incredible journeys of cats and dogs, to Jim the Wonder Dog, there are true stories that will make you wonder if the animal world has hidden secrets.

  • The Secret World of Crows

    The Secret World of Crows

    2 months ago

    Crows are amazing creatures, who have learned to adapt to humans better than most other species. They have even picked up a few tricks along the way to increase their ability to survive and thrive.

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    Mysteries of the Missing

    6 weeks ago

    Every year thousands of people go missing and many are never found. The stories of some of the ones that never come back are so unusual that normal explanations don't seem to apply. This is a few of those stories.

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    Haunted Airways

    2 years ago

    Reports of haunted aircraft, ghost planes, and spectral pilots have been around since the beginning of man's attempts to fly. Here are some of the stories of phantom passengers and crew.

  • Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis

    Charles Lindbergh and the Spirit of St. Louis

    2 years ago

    The iconic image of Charles Lindbergh hurtling over the dark Atlantic Ocean in his tiny monoplane "The Spirit of St. Louis", has enthralled people since Lindbergh first touched down in France in 1927. Many consider it the greatest achievement in the history of flight.

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    Attracting Good Luck and Good Fortune

    22 months ago

    Have you ever wondered how you can be the lucky one? Is there anything you can do to increase your luck? The answer may surprise you. There are ways that seem to help good fortune come your way. It could be your lucky day!

  • The Edsel: A Symbol of Failure

    The Edsel: A Symbol of Failure

    11 months ago

    When the Ford Motor Company introduced the Edsel line of cars in 1957, they hoped the name would become known worldwide for decades to come. And it has....just not as they expected it to.

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    Ghost Trains and Haunted Railways

    11 months ago

    From the early days of steam locomotives, to today's bullet trains, there have always been tales of spectral trains on long vanished tracks, haunted locomotives and signal-boxes, jinxed trains, and phantom reenactments of long ago disasters.

  • The Cinerama Experience

    The Cinerama Experience

    7 months ago

    In 1952, an amazing new feature thrilled audiences. It was called "This Is Cinerama", and it showed off a new process for giving moviegoers a spectacle like no other film could offer.

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    Two Oswalds: The Mystery of Lee Harvey Oswald's Double

    5 months ago

    From September to November 1963, a man began showing up in two places at once claiming to be Lee Harvey Oswald. There were dozens of witnesses who testified they saw Oswald when he was known to be elsewhere. This is the strange story of Lee Harvey Oswald's possible double.

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    The Byrds in Opryland

    5 years ago

    In early 1968, the Byrds completely changed course and decided to go country for their next album. They had some adventures when they went to Nashville to record. The band was not completely welcomed.

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    The Riddle of the Tasmanian Tiger

    6 months ago

    An elusive animal called the Thylacine might still be roaming the dark forests of Tasmania. The creature in question is said to be extinct. Sightings however continue to roll in year after year.

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    Haunted Places in Texas

    2 years ago

    The Lone Star State. Stretching from the high desert, to the panhandle, to the coastline. Texas is bursting with ghostly legends from east to west. Even the Alamo is haunted!

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    Aurora Monster Mash

    10 months ago

    In the early 1960's, a small plastic model company called Aurora decided to take a risk by introducing a line based on Universal's classic monster movies. They were big hits and are still popular today.

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    "Sound" Sleep- Ambient Sounds and White Noise Sleep Aids

    2 years ago

    For those who struggle with insomnia, or the effects of tinnitus, nature or ambient sounds can help you sleep. Sleep machines are a perfect way to blot out unwanted sounds.

  • Celebrity Spirits

    Celebrity Spirits

    11 months ago

    From the sad ghost of former Superman star George Reeves to the return of the singing cowboy Rex Allen, many celebrities have not let death stop them from returning for an encore. This is a look at some of the strangest stories to come out of Hollywood.

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    Lost Trails: Old and Modern Western Home Décor

    7 weeks ago

    Western decor celebrates the history of our western states, and reminds us of the ones that came to the west by horse, by wagon train, or on foot long ago to settle a wild land.

  • Skyward: Aviation and Airline Home Décor

    Skyward: Aviation and Airline Home Décor

    8 weeks ago

    Aviation decor gives your home the look of the experienced traveler who has seen the wonders of the world. Vintage airlines like TWA and Pan Am, now seem to linger in a aviation golden age.

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    Classic Retro Toys of the 60's

    8 weeks ago

    The 1960's was a great time to be a kid. It was an exciting era of robots and monsters, aliens and astronauts. And television would play an even stronger role in what became popular.

  • 31

    Haunted Places in Arizona

    6 months ago

    Deep in the desert, there are haunted places, from haunted hotels to a ghost train. Some of the old mines have ghostly legends attached to them. Even the Grand Canyon is haunted. Read on about the ghosts of Arizona.


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