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Crazy, unstable, warped, and insane are all words that have been used to describe my mental state. I say that God made us unique for a reason, and I believe that my ability to see and look at things from outside the box or different that most people is a valuable tool to help others in their quest for the truth. I am a 2 time published short story writer who has seen and been involved in more than most people would in multiple lifetimes. Working in diverse fields ranging from food packaging to automotive to working on classified government nuclear power plants, and having 3 college degrees helps me to be a master of many trades. You will find my writings very unique but also very informative. Just don't wait too long, the government may shut me down.

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  • Why is Ohio hated so much in the South?

    Why is Ohio hated so much in the South?

    8 years ago

    This article attempts to tackle the hated of Ohioans living in the south. Since moving to South Carolina, 6 years ago, I have seen things that are unexplanable by a rational human being. If you are from the mid-west and...

  • Freemasons and the symbols on the dollar bill

    Freemasons and the symbols on the dollar bill

    5 years ago

    Do you have any idea what all of that stuff on the back of a dollar bill means? This article will explore the Freemason influence on our history in regards to the currency still used today.