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WitchesMIX is set up by Gary Holdaway, (Nasake on HP) Edward Reeves, (Hawthorn on HP) and Lee Hines. Currently we are in our development period, and as such, all hubpages members get to see WitchesMIX grow and read our articles before the official launch in October. We thank you in advance for your comments and input towards this project.


Our mission is to offer free information to the general public regarding the once 'hidden' religions of old, offering a large and helpful resource and support group to all those that wish to feel at one with their surroundings, and take control of their own lives.


WitchesMIX publishes free in-depth articles involving the world of Paganism and witchcraft, and it's many counterparts or traditions. The articles cover a range of levels from the beginner to the adept. We are offering free public video readings with Tarot cards, Oracle cards, Angel cards and runes, just like us on facebook and drop us a wall message with your request.

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  • Haitian Vodou- Legba

    Haitian Vodou- Legba

    5 years ago

    Papa Legba, one of the most important of the Haitian spirits, yet perhaps the most neglected in Modern Paganism. Learn how to work with the gatekeeper of the spirit world, and enlist his help into your everyday life.

  • Haitian Vodou: Introduction

    Haitian Vodou: Introduction

    5 years ago

    What is Vodou? Is it really how all the movies make out? Do Voodoo dolls hurt and control people at will? You can find the answers to all those questions and more, in this fascinating introduction to the world of Vodou!

  • The Five Sacred Elements

    The Five Sacred Elements

    5 years ago

    An in depth look at the five elements necessary for the existence of everything in the universe. This article offers a small and easy exercise that can help you appreciate what is always taken for granted, along with a...

  • Spiritual Healing, The Basics

    Spiritual Healing, The Basics

    5 years ago

    An introduction to the many forms of spiritual healing that exist. Taking you through the basic steps that form the foundation of most forms of healing.

  • Understanding The Spirit World

    Understanding The Spirit World

    5 years ago

    An introduction to the world of Spirit. With lots of hot tips on how to work with the lovely Spirits =D

  • Tarot Spread- The Bifrost

    Tarot Spread- The Bifrost

    5 years ago

    A look at a self-made tarot spread by WitchesMIX based on the Bifrost of Norse Mythology. The spread is aimed at questions about 'journey', although due to Correlations between the Norse Gods and our days of the week,...

  • Divination Introduction

    Divination Introduction

    5 years ago

    This article is all about getting you aware of the many forms of divination out there. We hope to give you an insight into the world of telling fortunes, and help you find that right one for you!

  • Tarot 101

    Tarot 101

    5 years ago

    In this article we take a look at the world of Tarot, explaining how to find the right deck for you, how to conduct readings and the interpretations of all of the cards. The Celtic Cross is explained in detail,...

  • What Is Witchcraft When Stripped From Religion?

    What Is Witchcraft When Stripped From Religion?

    5 years ago

    A look at the powers of Witchcraft, and what they are when in and out of religion. In this article we attempt to answer what Witchcraft really is, without the glamour, secrets, mysticism and religious preferences.