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Hello World. I love to write, most everything I ever write is shoot from the hip writing, I write like I talk. I love to joke around with people and be at ease. Some times I just want to get something off my chest so from time to time I write about things that irritate me,but most of the time I write about what I know. It would take an entire book to list all of my interests. I have done a lot of things with my life. I'm a published quail farmer, something I loved and don't do anymore since I don't have a farm, but I will again one day. I love to cook and bake, but no means am I a pro at it, I just love taking care of my people, the way to any ones heart is through food. I'm an avid gardener, flowers, veggies, and herbs. I love to read, I am a HUGE Clive Cussler fan. I am anal about certain things...sometimes. I need to go the distance for people, and I take pride in never asking for anything in return, more people need to just do that. It's okay to take care of the ones around you, Karma is a wonderful friend. Oh and then there's that, the little secret that I believe in Mother Earth, and the elements. I am resourceful, I go after things I want, I love building things; one day I'm going to build a real Dutch Oven outside, most would know it if I said a pizza oven. My family are important people, I'd rather just not be, I like being outside the box. I research everything. And I am the type of person to get a new toothbrush every month...lol That's some of me, not everything, but hopefully it'll give you an idea of why I write like I do.

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