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Hello World. I used to say that I love to write but years later I'm realizing that it isn't my love of writing but rather my love of sharing my experiences. I have had the strangest life that has left me with a massive skill set in almost every area of real life. I am a very technical person and by that I don't mean that I am an IT guru, I have a man for that haha. When I see something that strikes my fancy I love the challenge of figuring it out, whether it be a new item at my favorite restaurant, or my new passion of acrylic fluid pouring. I have over 35+ years in the 'house" business and know something about everything between the roof and foundation especially about how going about revamping decor, eliminating the good ole honey do lists and so on. I hope that you find my articles helpful. It has been a very long time since I've sat down to write and I have been gathering reviews of all kinds of things such as my new stackable washer and dryer, what acrylic paints work best with no cracking, or maybe you want cracking. I'm a researcher by heart as it is one of my favorite past times and I know that I've helped my friends and family in their purchasing endevors and hope to help you as well. Enjoy

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