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I am keeper and guide of my Garden Of Labyrinths here at Carrowcrory Cottage Co. Sligo, Ireland. I am also co-ordinator of Bards In The Woods within woodlands of Ireland to encourage more people to use the public woods more often. We invite anyone to join with us in our Sunday afternoon Poetree Walks near wherever they are in Ireland. Here at Carrowcrory I am here most afternoons for visitors to play, enjoy quiet time, and learn some basics of labyrinth walking in my Garden Of Labyrinths and building their own. Visitors also enjoy some tea, traditional home baking, herb lore, tree lore, harp lore and stories of the bards. We are also surrounded by 100s of sacred ancient sites connected by the very scenic Historical Trail.

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  • Brighid : A Bee Goddess?

    Brighid : A Bee Goddess?

    2 years ago

    Bees, honey and our images of Goddesses. When we see bees pollinating, do we think of images of Brighid the Goddess. Here are some mythology connections to ponder ...

  • About Brooms And Broom Dancing

    About Brooms And Broom Dancing

    6 years ago

    I think when people think of a broomstick it is often not as a sweeping tool but as transport for a witch or a Harry Potter character, a means to cast magic spell, or something to do a vigorous dance with. A witch on a...