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I love the holidays and I love reading, researching and hunting for vintage finds and antiques...and saving money while at my favorite pursuit! That's probably why all those interests mix together to make (hopefully) a combination of interesting articles.

When I first began with Hubpages, I had never imagined there could be a forum like Hubpages to be able to write on my favorite topics and earn money without the amount of work it would take to maintain my personal blog. What a concept! However, much of that has changed since I started this little venture. And thanks to those who have stopped by to read my articles, they are still pulling traffic! When I first started with Hubpages, I used the username Wordsmith4hire, but many of my vintage articles are connected with the Twitter name of VintageGlamA1 as I did not realize that someone else had built up their online presence under that name. (A small detail that clears up why my Twitter and Pinterest collections lead to another name.)

But back to my story, on behalf of a client (my other life away from all things vintage), I reviewed this site as an additional way to improve marketing and create back links and was even thrilled and surprised at the fact that you could own the copyright of your own written work while using Hubpages' state-of-the-art technology. And Hubpages, has gone through a host of changes and still is delivering great quality and results.

That was all the motivation I needed! So here I am, a mother of two grown children with a background in education, real estate and technology for K-12 education, excited and optimistic about this new venture.

Don't worry that you'll take a shot and you'll miss.The fact is , you'll miss every shot you don't take. ~ Anonymous

The optimist sees opportunity in every danger, the pessimist sees danger in every opportunity. ~ Winston Churchill

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