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Hello my name is Andrea. I am a mother of 3 all over the age of 19-27, a daughter and two sons. I am a grandmother to many and one more is due any day.

I love to be near bodies of water. It is so calming, I love being with my grand children.

I believe in GOD. I would not be able to make it without him. He is my rock !! Miracles everyday from him.

I am single have been for 7 + years now. Ready to start dating and wanting to meet my soul mate! However, when they start asking about my disability and if I can read, talk, walk, lol.. then they normally run. EVEN THOUGH I LIVE ALONE AND TELL THEM I AM SELF SUFFICIENT. LOL... Kinda funny anymore.

I love to write, fish, and be outside. I love my visits with my kids rather their house or mine. I am proud of them no matter,,,GOOD OR BAD.

I I am a survivor of much and do not believe to ever be a victim. As a victim allows it to run their life whatever it was and I try my hardest to do opposite of what I do not or did not like while growing up and changed it my way, in return I ended up with some very spoiled kids, and as their now young adults it really blew up in my face. LMAO..

I love to laugh and I enjoy sharing, I don't have dreams but wish I will soon. I know their in there somewhere I just need to find it in my heart again.

I hope you enjoy the articles and I hope you let me know what you may have a problem with I believe not one person thinks as the other and we can learn by this.

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