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I'm currently in college looking to graduate with a BA in Philosophy. While I have a strong interest in science, specifically biology and chemistry, I've been hooked on philosophy since my very first course. Admittedly, I'm still somewhat new to the subject, but I've never been as enthralled by or as passionate about any other subject before. I plan to go on to graduate school to further my education, but as of now, i'm simply taking things slow and I'm in no rush. Writing has always been an interest of mine, so I figured I would give online writing a try as an outlet other than school. My hubs may vary from reviews, tutorials, college essays that I'd like to share, or simply my thoughts on a given subject. From time to time I may even post more creative writing such as short stories or poems. As far as philosophy is concerned, I'd love to write hubs on philosophical arguements and such but I don't quite feel like im qualified to do so yet. Nonetheless, I shall look forward to the day that I am.

My personal interest include reading, writing, skateboarding, and playing video games. The list goes on and on, as I find myself tempted to try and learn just about everything (from Rubik's Cubes to Breakdancing). I've yet to "master" anything just yet, due to my broad interest and lack of dedication to any one activity, but I've come to terms with the fact that that is not such a bad thing afterall. As I am never truely satisfied with what I already know and can do, it motivates me to push myself even further. Someone once asked me "What do you collect?"...I simply replied "Hobbies".

I'd love to recieve feedback and constructive criticism from my readers, as I am always looking to improve my writing skills, just as I look to improve in anything else that I do. Any feedback is much appreciated, and if anyone has suggestions, questions, or needs help with anything I'd love to know. Perhaps I could be of some use. I hope you enjoy reading through my hubs, and I wish everyone the best. Have a nice day.


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