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Himeko Sanbika (XBhelliom)

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  • The Four Kinds of Filipino Mindset

    The Four Kinds of Filipino Mindset

    23 months ago

    There are lots of things going on through every Filipino mind but hey just chilling out. We're just having fun. What kind of Mindset do you have?

  • The Grieving Luna

    The Grieving Luna

    23 months ago

    The Blue moon is so much enchanting to kiss and hug tonight. How I wish to be in your cradle each night.

  • Dreaded Reflection

    Dreaded Reflection

    24 months ago

    Dark thoughts, dark paths, evil scheme...don't ever let your demons win.

  • My Shooting Star

    My Shooting Star

    24 months ago

    When there's something you really want and need to be...believe for whatever it is, everything was made possible with just a single ray of touch in your mind. Even if you only have yourself to agree.

  • The Tea Cup

    The Tea Cup

    24 months ago

    Take it easy my lovelorn friend . Take another cup when the dear one's broke. Drink it away for now but when tomorrow comes find sometime to fix it up.

  • In the Arms of Serenity

    In the Arms of Serenity

    24 months ago

    Hush now let the wind sing you a lullaby. Shh... be calm, be still you're gonna be okay. Gently rest now in the arms of sweet serenity.

  • The Time of the Butterfly

    The Time of the Butterfly

    2 years ago

    Lo and Behold don't be too harsh, don't be so gross. Be kind in deeds, be keen in words. The road of life is full of cross.

  • Zephyrus


    2 years ago

    Let me soothe your mind, let me cool it...let me gently whisper in your ears, the sweetest language. Let me carry you and hush you to sleep.

  • The Far Horizon

    The Far Horizon

    2 years ago

    Unleash the locks, break the shackles and set the sails. Let the winds carry you to where you really belong.

  • The Beast's Rose

    The Beast's Rose

    2 years ago

    Let me take your mind and get lost in the kingdom of Beauty and the Beast.

  • Stargazer


    2 years ago

    The feelings you brood, the love and admiration and things just has to stay as they are. Nothing changed, nothing gained but it is and has to be.

  • Cinderella's Bubbles

    Cinderella's Bubbles

    2 years ago

    Have you ever find yourself working and in complete detachment with what you're doing? And you'll only realize when you smell a burnt breakfast a blister or a bleeding finger. Keep on dreaming! :D

  • The Flower and the Cactus

    The Flower and the Cactus

    2 years ago

    When love hits you right in the middle of your dumb forehead ..oh dear ..! Life begins..unless it doesn't, never mind keep living.:)

  • Give Me Light

    Give Me Light

    2 years ago

    The emotional angst you got from life's whips, oh well just close your eyes and hang on tight I mean real tight. Don't let the hurricane blow you away.

  • The Confidant

    The Confidant

    2 years ago

    Sometimes when things aren't falling completely well according as planned and you need to really cut off yourself from the world. You'll always have a place or thing to invigorate.

  • Soar Little Bird

    Soar Little Bird

    2 years ago

    Yeah, I guess we always get to a point in life wherein were too afraid, were just really too afraid and I do mean afraid to make a step out the zone everybody loves to stay. Why not try this time.

  • That Small Frail Thing

    That Small Frail Thing

    2 years ago

    When you're so down rock-bottom and down the bottom of the sea, you wonder somehow what's that stubborn thing that keeps your stubborn lungs breathing.

  • When Cherry Blossoms Kiss the Ground

    When Cherry Blossoms Kiss the Ground

    2 years ago

    Ever been mystically lost to your thoughts whenever you see cherry blossoms? Whether be it on movies, pictures, paintings or most excitingly when you see them personally. How breathtaking it is!

  • The Dark Labyrinth

    The Dark Labyrinth

    2 years ago

    Getting lost in the maze of your mind and meeting all the things that pretty scare and choke the life out of you.


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