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Renee Daniella Smith (xoxreneesmithoxox)

Joined 18 months ago from Canada: Brampton,Ontario

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  • Lashes That Blink

    Lashes That Blink

    5 months ago

    Originally this poetry is called "Eyelashes" but because someone took that name I could not call this piece "Eyelashes" so instead I had to call it "Lashes that Blink" and this piece is all about me playing with love and fantasy. Happy readings.

  • MyTeeth


    6 months ago

    This poem is about as the title says...My teeth. No,seriously, this poem is about showing you a different perspective about the meaning of teeth. Not only can they bite through anything like a sharp metal object, but they can speak extremely loud. The pictures seen in this piece are from my iphone 6

  • Vulnerability


    6 months ago

    This Haiku (which is not in it's traditional standards of 5,7,5) is a clear explanation as to why showcasing my vulnerable side of me is not my thing to do.

  • Freestyle Haiku

    Freestyle Haiku

    5 months ago

    This Freestyle Haiku was inspired by my lust for love, fantasy and fairy tales. I can not help that I am a woman who is still a girl trapped in her fantasies. By the way this haiku is not in its traditional standards it starts at 5,9,5- 5,10,5 -11,5,11- 5,14,5- and 13,5,10 at the end of the Haiku.

  • Fearless in the face of Adversity

    Fearless in the face of Adversity

    6 months ago

    This short haiku is all about living your life to the fullest without any worries and without any doubts that you may have for tomorrow. No matter what adversity should not have a hold on us. Period.

  • I Cry Diamonds

    I Cry Diamonds

    7 months ago

    Quote from Google: "Crying is how your body speaks when your mouth can't explain the pain you feel." From https://www.coolnsmart.com/crying_quotes/?cfilter=images

  • Persist to Resist

    Persist to Resist

    11 months ago

    This Haiku is simply a celebration of the innate human spirit.

  • When Love Shines

    When Love Shines

    12 months ago

    When love shines is a haiku about the rush of love and it is in the traditional syllables of 5,7,5. Happy reading.

  • Into the clouds

    Into the clouds

    12 months ago

    This is a free style written piece. Enjoy.

  • Good Night Good Morning

    Good Night Good Morning

    15 months ago

    Good night sleep tight, good morning it's time to start off your day with a cup of joy.

  • Never out of style

    Never out of style

    17 months ago

    This poem is about one of my favourite headbands from my closet that makes me feel very classy and elegant and my oh my how I love being a fashionista it's fun you should try it sometime.

  • As still as I am

    As still as I am

    18 months ago

    With this poem I wanted to capture the beauty of never faltering in this world and always choosing to stand your ground. No matter what curve ball life throws at you, you should never fall down nor stay down to anyone's curve balls, instead you should be standing paramount to it. Always Test Time ;)


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