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  • Western African civilisation

    Western African civilisation

    5 years ago

    They believe that the word is from "ka kyi" which means "they have changed". Unfortunately, no explanation corroborates this meaning. However, others trace the meaning of this word to the mystery of the crossing of Comoé during the flight of the group...

  • Legend of West African

    Legend of West African

    5 years ago

    Our criticism will be based on two problems mentioned above by seeking to verify these statements from historical and geographical works that directly or indirectly address the subject...

  • West Africa in Africa Origin

    West Africa in Africa Origin

    5 years ago

    The beginning of the twentieth century closed our scientific approach because of the presence of white settlers in Côte d'Ivoire, which marks another era in the history of the country, that of the era of "modernism"...

  • Africa People Origin

    Africa People Origin

    5 years ago

    These three phases of settlement of the peoples, create confusion between indigenous and foreigners, and the consequences of this situation are more clear on the treatment of the question of national identity, land issues and cultural and religious heritage...

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    How to Write a Good Academic Essay

    5 years ago

    The writer must grab and hold the attention of the reader by clearly laying the aspect of the topic he wants to write about in the introduction. The very aspect of concern is the thesis statement which is to the introduction of an assay, what a topic sentence is to a paragraph...

  • How to Write an Academic Research

    How to Write an Academic Research

    5 years ago

    Research has become such a prevailing phenomenon of our civilization that all of us are imparted by it. Scholars and practitioners of various levels of sophistication in the academic disciplines and professions engage in research. Students do not progress very far in our formal education system...

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    How to Write a Book Report

    5 years ago

    A book reports is a written document giving the key information about a document that one has read.

  • Acquire the Book You Want to Read

    Acquire the Book You Want to Read

    5 years ago

    You can write in, underline in, etc which you would not do in a book borrowed from a library or a friend. In this last specific case, make sure then that you are spending your money on a book that will be useful to you. This can be done by information you have about author, table of content...

  • How to Get the Most of a Read Book

    How to Get the Most of a Read Book

    5 years ago

    The more you read, the better a reader you will become. You will soon find that practice will really boost your reading effectiveness and efficiency. Bruce Lee once said this: I fear not the man who has practiced 10.000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10.000 times...

  • Get the Most of the Book Your Read: Part 1

    Get the Most of the Book Your Read: Part 1

    5 years ago

    There are 4 levels of reading. Levels are a better term than any other like kind or type for kinds would mean that they are distinct and autonomous. As for levels, they imply that the higher levels include the lesser ones. Levels is a term that implies that they are cumulative and that the first...

  • African-Americans and Civil Rights

    African-Americans and Civil Rights

    5 years ago

    The Case Goes to Court: Plessy first went to a local court. He argued that the Separate Car Act went against the U.S. Constitution. Plessy's lawyers (people who study and argue the law) said the 13th Amendment (a part added to the Constitution) ended slavery, and the 14th Amendment made...

  • Slavery in the United States View

    Slavery in the United States View

    5 years ago

    From 1861 to 1865, the northern states fought the southern states in the U.S. Civil War. One reason for the war was slavery. In the South, people could own other people. People who are owned by other people are called slaves...

  • U.s Imperialism in the Hawaiian Islands

    U.s Imperialism in the Hawaiian Islands

    5 years ago

    People from the United States began moving to the Hawaiian Islands in the early 1800s. Some people started sugar plantations, or large farms. Others grew fruits like pineapples or started businesses in Hawaii...

  • James Monroe, The Fifth President Doctrine

    James Monroe, The Fifth President Doctrine

    5 years ago

    James Monroe was the fifth President of the United States. The President is the leader of the U.S. He wrote the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. The Monroe Doctrine was a plan to keep foreign countries out of North America, South America, and Central America...

  • U.S Manifest Destiny

    U.S Manifest Destiny

    5 years ago

    During this time, Texas was not part of the United States. Texas was part of Mexico. Mexico also owned the states of California, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico. Then in 1836, Texas won its freedom from Mexico. The people of Texas did not have to obey, or listen to, Mexico's leaders anymore...

  • U.S Revolution to California Gold

    U.S Revolution to California Gold

    5 years ago

    The colonists decided to fight for their independence. They did not want to be part of Great Britain anymore. They wanted to have their own country. This fight for independence is called the American Revolution. This is how the 13 British colonies became the UnitedStates of America.


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