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This is my second hubpages profile. My other one can be found at http://hubpages.com/profile/ruanz3.

On this profile I will focus on short articles to fill in the gaps, refresh your knowledge and impress yourself and other intellectuals. For up to date articles subscribe to my RSS feed:


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    • Lost all my work

      Lost all my work

      7 years ago

      I dont understand how all my work could just have been erased. My impression was that once you click on the window to save your work then it is saved, even if you dont click the button that says 'saved unpublished'. But...

    • Backlinks to your profile page

      Backlinks to your profile page

      7 years ago

      Does it really help your hubs to have a lot of backlinks pointing to your profile page? If someone searches for your topic the search engine looks at your specific hub not your profile page. Its possible that there isnt...

    • Keyword question

      Keyword question

      7 years ago

      I have seen with the new keyword tool you have a certain keyword, and then you have the same keyword in brackets. For instance car and [car], and then the avg cpc is totally different for basically the same word, but...

    • SEO and adsense problems

      SEO and adsense problems

      7 years ago

      Ok there is something ive been thinking about for a while now to ask. First of all when you use the google keyword tool to find high paying keywords i find that the ads displayed on my site is often not what my main...

    • Hubpages outlawed by shetoldme?

      Hubpages outlawed by shetoldme?

      7 years ago

      I just tried to post two hubs to shetoldme and the urls wasnt allowed. Is Hp now outlawed by them as well?

    • Different HP accounts

      Different HP accounts

      7 years ago

      Hi, this is Ru-an I created this new account but im still ignorant as to why it is good to have different accounts. I know darkside does this. Maybe if he is around he can enlighten me? Anyone can answer of course....