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I am a wife and mother of two adult children. I am a singer and published poet. My book "Gleaming Beneath the Rust and Weeds" is available on Amazon and Kindle as well as Barnes and Noble. I have 2 blogs (links below).

As artist working in mixed media, digital art, graphic art, photography and scrapbook media, creativity is very important to me.

As far as my educational background, I am a Certified Paralegal as well as a P.R.E.N. educated Certified Parenting Educator and Certified Parenting Coach, and have taught workshops throughout Upper Bucks County. The last 5 years I have worked as a volunteer running and fundraising for a Non-Profit music promoters group. I am employed as an Administrative Assistant presently, which keeps me busy. Finally, I am a blogger. Yes, it's an unusual blending of skills which has actually made me knowledgeable in many areas. That is my resume so to speak. My expertise springs from that list, and hopefully will bring you to information you find useful in your life.

But you're wondering who I am really. Well, I am a poet, writing just about every day and publishing on my poetry page as well as writing books of poetry, one of which is published and another on the way. I am an artist, working in digital media, pastel, pencil, acrylics, water color, scrapbooking and various mixed media styles. In the last few years my artistic leaning tends to be photography. Anyone who knows me - knows i travel with Nikon D90 in hand. Preserve your memories my friends, they will warm you when the winter of life inevitably comes calling.

I have a passion for music, both popular and choral. Singing as a soloist and with choirs means a lot to me. I have been singing in the shower since I was a child, and I have sung in several choirs. As a cantor at a local church, I love to sing weddings and funerals as well as weekend services. Music is a way to truly connect with our humanity, our spirits, and our fellow travelers on the road of life. It makes kids smarter - more expressive - more empathetic; it changes them for the better. I have advocated for and raised funds for music programs and choral musicians for years. That which brings music to our world, is worthwhile.

Finally, I am a believer that doing for others and giving our time, talent and when possible, treasures, is what I am called to do. Helping others; teaching; sharing; leaving a place better than I found it; that's what I strive to do in my life. Hopefully, that goal will always be in sight as my blog offers these things to you, gentle reader. May you find what you seek here, and may I pen what you seek to find. I am glad you came to visit.

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