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Patti Markow is an established author of little books and is a long time disabled American. Patti (penname: Paeti Gustav Xaviers).

Paeti was born during the early nighttime hours of a cold New Year's Eve in 1953. She was raised in the bustling city of Elizabeth, New Jersey, and graduated from the public school system in 1971. After briefly attending college post Battin High School graduation, she entered the work force. First, she attempted Computer Operations in the Banking Field, but settling temporarily in an Industrial Chemical Division of Major Conglomerate: W.R. Grace & Company. There, she learned manual system operations, chemical composition, industrial level electrical safety operations, and Industrial Credit and Collections. She earned her GRACE Lapel Pin just prior to leaving after a brief 2-3 year career. Following Industry, still in her early 20's, she started her career in the field of Mortgage Banking.

By the time she was 28 years old, she was a National Award Winning junior executive with a mid-sized New Jersey Mortgage Banking Corporation. Within a few years, she would become the first woman to be elected to the Board of Governors of the New Jersey Mortgage Bankers Association. Just prior to a return to Mortgage Banking, a break in her career path, she was a Sales Associate with The Berg Agency, Real Estate, and was on the Board of the Ocean County Board of Realtors.

Paeti's promising life was abruptly struck down, for the simple reason that she was a possible abuser of marijuana. She was forced to become disabled from holding her position of employment and lost her fiance, the Executive Director of the New Jersey Mortgage Bankers Association. Years of denial and disbelief caused her to lash out any anyone who tried to "help" her. She suffered through the humiliation and indignities of multiple involuntary captivities in psychiatric wards. In an effort to run away from it all, she fell from a world endowed by an up and coming career and a decent income to the ranks of the impoverished, poorly surviving on welfare.

The years and the trauma gradually passed as Paeti resigned herself to possibly unnecessary psychiatric medication and professional mental health treatment. Yet, still determined to try to prove that there was nothing wrong with her, she returned to college. She graduated from an accredited Univeristy in 2009 with a 4.0 GPA and an A.A. degree in Law, with a minor in Biotechnology. Living a newly serene and stable life in sunny Florida, making ends meet financially by earning small sums from working at home, she authored numerous articles and small books. She also taught herself web design in addition to causing a piece of jewelry, inspired from her "pot head" days and called the "Xaviers Cross," to become a reality. Paeti is sometimes known by her birthname: Patricia (Patti) J Markow. She enjoys solitude, rocking chairs, her computer and listening to soft rock or classical music...and smoking cigarettes.

Now a Mormon and thinking toward a future of endless possibilities for eternal happiness, Paeti looks forward to meeting A MEN of her dreams and having so many friends she will no longer have much solitudinal time to herself. And don't forget children...ever so beautiful as their beings...to be involved with through the Mormon Church. And even the possibility of Holy Matrimony.

Paeti has also adopted a pet bonsai tree which is named Andromeda, in an aim toward Eternal Physical Human Life in the Kingdom of God - RIGHT HERE...on Planet Earth



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