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    Fun Activities Related to "The Very Hungry Caterpillar"

    13 months ago

    I read the famous "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" by Eric Carle aloud to my daughter, and we immediately fell head over heels for it! I invented these fun, brain-teasing activities to go along with the book.

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    Why should you Homeschool?

    14 months ago

    Homeschooling is being practiced by numerous families since many years, but since pandemic battered us all, many parents turned to this option after being cladded with bafflement and zero options. Since then, it has become a rising trend and has gained a good deal of popularity.

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    2 years ago

    There comes a time in your life, where you want to relive!

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    She Lived Again...

    4 years ago

    You always find your best partner at the best time! If you’re hurt, don’t get distressed. Surely, something better must be coming your way.

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    Live for Yourself

    4 years ago

    Never lose yourself in an effort to be a part of the society. This world has got negativity and you can’t escape that.

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    Love you mom!

    4 years ago

    On this Mother’s Day, I would like to give a tribute to all the mothers out there and ofcourse to mine as well. Love you mom!

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    She Didn’t Care...

    4 years ago

    This poem is for women who are having a bad time. Trust me, don’t care about your worries and have a firm belief that there is light after every darkness!

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    True Partner

    4 years ago

    If your soul mate has these qualities and he makes you realise that you’re special, then never let him go, he’s your man!

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    New Change

    4 years ago

    Always trust yourself and keep a positive attitude. If today is not your day then tomorrow might be :) be strong and tackle your bad times with courage and hope.

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    Find Someone Worth It

    4 years ago

    Always go up for a person who’s compatible with you. Instead of regretting it later on, it’s better to go for a soul mate who’s worth it. Else your life will get worse.

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    Darkness Will Fade

    4 years ago

    Always hope for the best. However dark the present may seem, the future holds something better. Thus, maybe someday, everything will be good and easy.

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    Men, We Appreciate You

    4 years ago

    Shout out to all the diligent men out there who work day and night to earn for the family! I wrote this poetry for men who go out everyday in the scorching sun, to different offices and places just to see their family happy. You guys do a tremendous job and sadly very few people appreciate it!


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