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10 Benefits Of Having A Cat Over A Dog

Updated on March 2, 2009

Cats are better than dogs

1. They are cool and aloof. They can lie in the middle of a busy walkway and don't care a damn about the world. They go where they want without a care of what their owner thinks.

2. They have nine lives. Dogs have one. Cats fall and walk away unheard. Dogs only know how to chase cats up the tree.

3. Cats don't bite. Children are more afraid of dogs than cats.

4. Cats don't bark when they see strangers and they don't make noise. They purr. That sounds sexy.

5. Cats don't perform like dogs do. They don't seek attention.They feel secured enough not to show off.

6. Cats are the masters. Cat owners follow their cats but dogs follow their owners. You can't train a cat the way you train a dog.Try asking a cat to roll over.

7. You don't leash a cat but you usually leash a dog.

8. A cat retrieves better than a dog .

9. It is easier to carry them around and cuddle them.

10. Cats are cleaner.


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    • profile image

      que? 5 years ago

      1. They don't give a crap about you unless you dont feed them

      2. They only have one life. Don't be an idiot

      3. Some people deserve to be bitten. Kids suck. Cats will scratch you for no reason

      4. So they'd make awful watch-animals.

      5. Cats aren't going to do anything to entertain you in return for room and board

      6. Yeah, like i'd ever let an animal be my master. Have fun following your piece of crap cat around like a submissive moron

      7. So

      8. Absolutely false

      9. Half the time they don't want to be cuddled.

      10. Cats poop and pee in your house and leave it there.

      In conclusion, cats suck and your points are invalid.

    • pan1974 profile image

      April 8 years ago from Columbus,Ga

      Thats great.