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10 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Updated on October 23, 2017
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Alecia Brown is an animal lover as well as disabled mother with 3 kids. Her passion involves helping people with her writing.


When it come's to feeding my dog's I'm very much against feeding them human food. In my opinion, a variety of the food's that we eat, are actually harmful to your dog's system. I also feel that if I feed them too much human food, they wont end up eating their own food. But like I said, it's my opinion. When it come's to feeding your furbaby, it's 100% your choice in what you put in their bowl. All I can do is try and help point you in the right direction.

Some of the food that is on the following list isn't going to cause your dog to become violently ill immediately after consuming it. It's more like if you feed your dog the following foods, the toxins in the food's will build up in their systems and slowly cause issues. This is why dog's only live 15 years or so. Their bodies are so much more complex and sensitive than ours. It may not seem that way because my dog often likes to eat woodchips off of the ground, but they do pay the price some time later.

Foods You Should Not Feed To Your Dog

  1. Chocolate- Can cause damage to the canine's Central Nervous System. Due to a substance called Theobromine.This can end up causing an irregular heartbeat,seizure's,vomiting,tremor's,diarrhea and/or death.
  2. Milk- Dog's lack the enzyme that is supposed to break down lactose in milk. Therefore dog's suffer from a Lactose Intolerance type condition. Milk can cause an upset tummy and diarrhea in your dog.
  3. Candy- Often contains an ingredient called Xylitol. It causes damage to a Canine's kidneys. It also causes too much insulin to be released at once. This can cause Diabetes in your pup.
  4. Cat Food- Contain's higer amount's of fat and protein than in dog food. This can lead your dog to become overweight. Although their is no harm in feeding your dog cat food every once in a while when you can get to the store till the next morning.
  5. Grapes- They contain a toxin that cause severe kidney and liver damage in dogs. Try not to feed your dog more than a handful of grapes within a month's period of time.
  6. Macadamia Nut's- Contain's a toxin that can cause damage to the nervous,muscle and digestive system. Side effect's include: Tremor,Weakness and Panting.
  7. Liver- Contain's too much Vitamin A for a dog to consume in a single day. It can cause issue's with their bones and muscles.
  8. Mushrooms- Can be fatal to your pup. Try to keep them away from them.
  9. Raw Fish- May contain harmful parasites. If you want to feed your dog a treat such as fish, you have to make sure it is cooked fully.
  10. Fat Trimmings- Can cause inflammation of your dog's pancreas.

Carrots are packed with health benefits for your precious pup
Carrots are packed with health benefits for your precious pup | Source

Beneficial Human Foods You Should Feed Your Dog

Like I have stated in the beginning, in my opinion, human food is not good to feed your dog. But when you back science and facts behind it, human food can be very good for your precious pup. So from now on, let's refer it to just 'food', not 'dog food' or 'human food' just 'food'.

Here are the foods you should defiently start adding to your dogs' bowl today:

  • Boneless Chicken- Always remove the bones before feeding your dog any chicken. Your dog will be okay eating either raw or cooked chicken.
  • Peanut Butter- This one seems to be on many labels of dog toys and treats. And it is because it lasts a long time. And it is also packed with nutrients. Not only does Peanut butter contain tons of protein, it also have Vitamin E, Healthy Fats, Niacin and Vitamin B. Before picking any brand of peanut butter, make sure that it does not contain the ingredient Xylitol. It is a sugar substitute which I have mentioned in the above part of this article.
  • Carrots- I remember my grandpa giving his dog carrots with every meal. And now it makes sense. Carrots are super beneficial for your dog's pearly whites. They help remove tartar and everything else from their teeth. They are also low in calories and high in fiber. And of course they are packed with Vitamin A.
  • Cheese- Unless your dog has a case of Lactose Intolerance, cheese is awesome for them because they are full of protein and calcium.
  • Pumpkin- You can feed them either raw pumpkin or even the pumpkin from the can. It is packed full of fiber and Vitamin A. And is also supposed to be really good for a dog's sensitive stomach.
  • Yogurt- Total no brainer, yogurt should be consumed by every living being. Yogurt helps keep the gut in balance, this in turns helps keep the rest of the body in balance as well. It is loaded with protein and calcium just to name a few benefits.

Make Your Own Dog Food


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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      thanks for the hub, I thought cat food and dog food are the same !


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