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10 Great Reasons for Owning a Dog

Updated on January 21, 2016

Most dog owners are already completely convinced of how great it is to share your life with a dog, but there may be people out there who don't know how awesome it is. Here are just a few of the many reasons why having a dog is so cool.

1. Regular Exercise

If you get a dog, then you have to be prepared to walk it every day come rain or shine, and having dogs means they will get you up, and out and about early, even on days when your lazy side doesn't really feel like it. There really are no excuses, and as a result you are going to be getting regular exercise that you could maybe have talked yourself out of before. It's not like exercising in a stuffy gym either, you'll be getting out into the open and enjoying the fresh air and the beauty and wonder of nature.

2. Socializing

Dogs can be a very good indicator of the type of person you are. Before even getting into what the different breeds say about their owners, simply being a responsible owner and lovingly taking care of a dog shows you are an empathetic and unselfish person. As a result you are very likely to have an instantaneous rapport with other dog owners, and a they are a great icebreaker when encountering other dog lovers. Dogs force you to leave your home, venture out into the world, and go to places where other like minded people tend to congregate. You never know who you might meet and spontaneously fall into conversation with because of them.

3. A Loving Friend

Dogs love you unconditionally, are non-judgemental, and they are always there for you when you need them. They are completely loyal, and are always prepared to provide company for you when when you are down or alone. You can tell them your problems, you can sing badly along to Beyonce with them in the car, you can eat a cake that you shouldn't have when on a diet, and they will be right by your side every time, supporting you in being yourself.

4. Emotional Development and Well-being

Taking care of a dog promotes emotional health. They are someone who gladly receives and reciprocates the love you give, and they give you a sense of purpose in life and help you focus on being grateful. They allow children to learn important lessons about having responsibilities for another living being and experience the discipline of training, and they bring your inner caring and nurturing instincts to the fore.

5. An Ever-ready Playmate

Dogs are simply just fun to be around, and although they can chase their tails and gnaw bones and dig and play alone, they often prefer interacting with humans or other dogs. So, pretty much whenever you feel like playing, your dog will also be up for it too. Whether it is chasing a stick or a ball, or simply guarding a rubber toy that you are pretending to not be interested in, your dog is usually 100% ready to get involved in the game and love every minute of it. They even make the mundane things in life, like walking to the shop for a newspaper or pint of milk, into a fun outing.

6. Security

You are probably much less likely to get your home burgled if a dog is present. Thieves usually go for the easiest targets on a street, and having a dog at home who would wake up the neighbourhood in the event of a break-in usually enough to deter potential burglars.

Equally, you are much safer walking the streets with a dog, as potential attackers will be wary of them and the attention they can draw to any trouble. Dogs may also sense danger in the home, or a fire earlier than humans and alert their owners.

7. You Get to Name them Something Cool

Giving a home and love to a pet allows you to unleash your creative side in finding the perfect name for them. You can name them to suit their personality or physical characteristics, you can pick something regal, or you can just choose a unique and awesome name that will help them stand out in the crowd. You can even choose a humorous or funny name for your dog or something completely ironic, for instance to suggest great might and power despite their small size. Whatever you decide as the ultimate name for your dog, don't forget, you'll be shouting it out a lot in public, so try to keep it clean and interesting.

8. It Will Teach You to be More Inventive About Holidaying

Forget jetting off somewhere, the dog needs to come too and get involved. You will learn to love camping, and adventuring in the great outdoors, and you will feel far more intrepid as you explore anywhere you visit more thoroughly with each new and exciting walk you take them on. You'll probably save money as a result too.

9. Multiple Health Benefits

Owning a dog can confer many health benefits, and may mean you live longer. Not only are you benefiting from getting regular exercise, but it is now believed that simply owning a dog can help:

  • lower your stress levels

  • contribute to better coronary health

  • aid in lowering levels of depression

  • lower incidences of allergies in babies and children

  • quicker recovery from strokes and living longer afterwards

Dogs are also used in therapy for autistic children who often respond very well to them as they are a sensory stimulus, and there are also indications that some dogs may potentially be able to detect specific illnesses in their owners.

10. Dogs can do Awesome Jobs

Trained dogs can help in:

  • tracking and detaining criminals

  • leading the blind

  • search and rescue missions

  • detecting contraband goods

  • locating truffles in woodland

  • helping people with Parkinsons complete daily tasks

  • alert helpers when their owner has a seizure

  • finding doggie treats that you have hidden around the house

Not enough reasons for you?

Well just in case you need more convincing, how about considering the following?

  • You can spend money on treats for them without feeling too guilty

  • You can blame them for terrible smells

  • There are all manner of cool outfits that they can get to keep them warm in winter now

  • It is unlikely any food will ever go to wast in your house

  • They are much easier to look after than children

  • You'll get to post hundreds of adorable photos on social media, and rather than getting fed up people will appreciate them


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    • ChessLover profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Thank you, glad you like it.

    • renee21 profile image


      2 years ago

      Great hub! I totally agree with all your points. Dogs are awesome!

    • ChessLover profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Thanks I appreciate it. My first ever comment.

    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 

      2 years ago from Austin TX

      Aw, this was adorable, I love my puppy grace.


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