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10 Items to Carry in Your Pet's Bug-Out Bag

Updated on November 9, 2014
Maggie Bonham profile image

Maggie Bonham, or Margaret H. Bonham, is a multiple award-winning pet author and expert. She has written more than 20 books on pets.

Fires. Floods. Tornadoes. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. These are some of the natural disasters you might face at any time. You may be prepared for yourself, but what about your pet? You need to have a plan to get your pet to a safe place, but you also need an emergency kit for your pet as well. Here are 10 items you must have in your pet's bug-out bag for disaster preparedness.

Three to seven days of food and water for your pet. This includes canned food and can openers as well as bowls. Whether you have to stay in because you're trapped by a snowstorm or a flood, or whether you have to get out fast, three to seven days worth of food will help sustain your pet while you seek help.


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Pet first aid kit and emergency veterinary texts. If your pet is injured, he may only be able to rely on you for help. Talk with your veterinarian about putting together a good pet first aid kit and know how to use everything within it.

A pet carrier. You'll need some way to restrain your pet, especially if things are chaotic. You may be sleeping at a friend's house and may need to keep your dog or cat in a safe place. A pet carrier does that. Be sure to include bedding so that your pet will remain comfortable.

Your pet's current veterinary records, including shot records. These records are very important if your dog or cat bites someone, or if your pet gets sick.Be sure to have your pet' s microchip information as well.

An extra leash, collar and tags, and harness, if applicable. You may lose your pet's leash or collar, and may have need for another one.

Pet Medications. These are very important if your pet requires medications on a regular basis.

Disposable litter pans and cat litter, if you own a cat. If you own dog, you will need poop bags for picking up after your dog.

Have several photos of your pet available should he get separated. Having them both paper and digital copies will help.

Be sure to have the phone numbers of emergency veterinary hospitals and boarding kennels in your pack as well. You may need those numbers should there be an emergency with your animal.

A favorite toy. Having an extra toy may make the circumstances more bearable for your pet.

Be sure to use and replace food and medications frequently as these are perishable and they can go bad.


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    • Maggie Bonham profile image

      Maggie Bonham 3 years ago from Missoula, Montana

      Thanks so much! Glad you found it useful. We deal with a different type of disaster out here: wildfires. Quite scary. But you've gone through Katrina, so I feel for you.

    • truthfornow profile image

      truthfornow 3 years ago from New Orleans, LA

      Very useful information. When the stores are all closed and there is little to no communication, you have to have everything for your pet that you would have for yourself. When it is hurricane time, I always prepare for me and my cat so there is no problems. Voted up and useful.