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8 Odd Cat Quirks and What They Mean

Updated on March 26, 2019
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Shawnte is an elementary school science educator and illustrator who studies various life cycles of animals.

Have you been experiencing some odd behaviors from your cats these days? It's not surprising that you're cat might partake in some strange rituals ever once in a while. If you're curious about getting a better understanding of why you're cat might be behaving oddly, look no further than this hub! We'll be going over the good, bad and straight up weird things our cats do!

I have owned many cats throughout my life and this list contains some of the common behaviors I've noted in my current and previous cats.

1. Blinking

Have you ever looked at your cat and noticed her give you a slow wink? Or perhaps, your cat has become what I like to call a frequent slow blinker? Don't worry! Your cat is more than likely just greeting you. This can be best described as the cat's equivalent to waving! She is merely expressing her trust and love for you. It's actually quite an honor for a cat to do this in your presence!

2. Rubbing The Corners of Furniture

I don't think I've ever come across a cat that doesn't rub his face against the corners of my furniture, especially chair legs and kitchen counters! This behavior can best be described as cat 'bunting'. The good new is that this is a very normal practice that many cats exhibit at some point in their lives. It simply means he is happy and comfortable. Your cat has many scent glands around his nose and mouth. When he rubs his face in to the corners of your furniture, natural pheromones are released and his scent is left behind as well!

3. Rolling On The Floor

Rolling in the floor is not only an adorable occurrence in cats, but it's also her way of letting you know that she is craving your attention! My cat tends to roll around on the carpet when she's feeling playful. She is also marking her territory by rolling around on the carpet happily. So next time you see her rolling on the carpet, that's your queue to be an attentive parent to her!

4. Love Bites

Has your cat been biting on your hands and fingers a little more lately? This behavior is known as a 'love bit'. These bites are usually not hard enough to draw blood and are typically a signal that your cat is being affectionate. Sometimes, your cat may not be aware of her own strength and these bites can occasionally be a bit uncomfortable!

5. Showing Off Their Butt

Do you sometimes have the impression that your cat is doing everything in his power to put his butt or tail in your face? As annoying as this behavior might be for you, your cat is only doing this to express his comfortability level in your presence. So in other words, him raising his tail to your face is a good thing, to him at least!

When your cat raises his tail and places his backside in front of your face, he is allowing you to sniff him! That's a little bit off putting though, am I right? Instead of sniffing his gluteus maximus, you can instead return the favor by petting his back or scratching his tail. He will be just as pleased with these actions in return!

6. Knocking Things Over On Purpose

Have you ever wondered why cats sometimes knock your valuables over on purpose? My cat likes to visit me at my desk while I'm working and I am convinced that she takes absolute glee in knocking over my tissue boxes and accounting books! The verdict? She's doing it because she thinks it's fun! Who would have thought? Your cat might also do this because she knows it's almost always going to be a sure fire way of getting your attention when she seeks it.

I find that taking the time to play with my cat for a moment usually curbs this behavior in her temporarily. And if all else fails, placing some of her toys on or around my desk is a great way of getting my cat to play with those things as opposed to knocking over my coffee mugs and important papers.

7. Ignoring When You Call Their Name

Why does it seem like your cat is flat out ignoring you sometimes? Well the painful truth is, because he actually IS ignoring! Sometimes, cats don't see the need for listening to you all the time. Your cat is a creature of comfort, sometimes, he just doesn't want to be bothered. You may be asking yourself why this might be the case. Unless you are calling the cat for meal time or if the cat feels his life is in danger, chances are he will zone out everything immediately around him, including you!

8. Chewing On Plastic

My youngest cat has adopted an occasional habit of chewing on brand new plastic bags. We've taken her to the vet to rule out any underlying health issues and it turned out that this was just a strange quirk of her's! Cats might sometimes like to chew on plastic because they like the smell and taste that the particular object carries. Chewing on plastic bags can be a specifically enjoyable activity for even healthy cats. However, this can also signal that your cat may be dealing with dental issues so be sure to check in with the vet if you have any doubts. More than likely, it may just be another strange common cat quirk!

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*All images were obtained legally via google images*

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Shawnte


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