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10 photos Considered most 'Beautiful Depicting Wild Animals'

Updated on September 1, 2012

Natural History Museum in London

The Natural History Museum in London has decided to make public some of the best images selected from the thousands of photographs submitted for the competition "Veolia Environmental Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012" , dedicated to nature photography and focused on the great specimens of wildlife.

The competition involved 48 thousand photographs , which were culled by way of the jury to select the 100 best shots , which were considered to be among the finalists and for this reason will be displayed in an exhibition specially dedicated in the British Museum giving us the opportunity to see 10 of the most fascinating works in the final stages of the award.

"Relaxation" - Jasper Doest

During the winter, macaques living in the valley called in Japanese Jigokudani come together in search of warmth in places where there are sulfur springs and pools of hot water, because of the volcanic activity in the area. The photographer was able to observe one of the macaques who fell asleep while relaxing in the water. The monkey must have placed complete trust in man , falling asleep in front of Jasper.

"Treading Water" - Charlie Hamilton James

The photographer was able to take this picture, depicting a baby otter only four months, while he was in the "Manu National Park" , in Peru , intent to make a documentary on giant otters. The puppy would have shown some curiosity about the photographer, who was quick to seize an expression that looks like real surprise.

"Sizing Up" - Klaus Tamm

The photographer was able to capture the two insects while they were in a particularly artistic and symmetrical pose toward the window sill of the house where she was on holiday, near Etang-Sale-lesHauts , on the French of Réunion . Tamm had the readiness to photograph the two insects several times, before they finally flew away.

"Fly-By Drinking" - Ofer Levy

Ofer Levy was able to accomplish the feat of creating a photograph the moment of encounter with the an Australian bat , a species considered in danger of extinction due to climate change, the disappearance of habitat and of the human hand, which often acts against bats considering them a threat.

"Turtle Gem" - Jordi Pujol CHIAS

Armeñime on the south coast of Tenerife , is considered a paradise for sea turtles .

The colors of their armor stand out on the golden sand and the crystal clear waters that host them. The turtle photographed, commonly known as "green turtle", unfortunately belongs to a species in danger of extinction.

Seized Opportunity - Gregoire Bouguereau

The photographer was able to observe during a short visit, the behavior of cheetahs in relation to hunting, at the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania , where survival depends upon seizing the moment, that Gregoire Bouguereau seized his moment as did the cheetah, to capture this shot.

"Evening Rays" - Claudio Gazzaroli

Swiss photographer Claudio Gazzaroli was near the island of Grand Cayman when he observed, mixed with the amazing colors of the evening sky, a flock of more than 70 specimens of Mantas. One of them has become the protagonist of the image here, taken from an angle considered quite unusual.

"The Glance" - Jami Tarris

The image was taken in the forest of an Indonesian island after days of observation of the habits of macaques. When the photographer has dared approach the trio represented, one of the macaques has literally struck with his eyes, as if he was trying to express the desire to protect their privacy .

"The Tourist Tiger Trail" - Melissa Lee

This wonderful image was taken at the "Tiger Temple", a Buddhist monastery located near the town of Kanchanaburi, Thailand . The temple, whose full name is "Wat Pa Luang Ta Bua Yannasampanno", started in 1999 to house tigers and tiger cubs injured, providing them with the necessary help and attracting an increasing number of pilgrims and visitors.

"The Duel" - Sergey Gorshkov

The Russian photographer has been able to photograph this amazingly brave white goose , visibly frightened as she is threatened by a predator (an arctic fox), during the migration of this species of birds from North America to Russia , which takes place between spring and summer . The photograph was taken in May in northern Russia.


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