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10 Wonderful Facts About Dogs

Updated on April 3, 2020

Or, that's why I'm sticking to Jack!

Jack, my dog, the best head in the world. We had a lot of adventures in Budapest, and we roamed the whole city together. Before the planned dog show this weekend, I was wondering what I like about Jack and why I support dog keeping. I decided to gather and publish my arguments. I'd love for you to share your dog experience with me.

1. We have been on a wavelength since I know it

There was a tiny dumpling when he got to me, and he grew up next to me. We understand each other without words. Often a gesture or a look is enough. A few years ago, news was published confirming this: the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Eötvös Loránd University of Science and the Central European University, by means of research instruments, have shown that dogs, besides often learning the meaning of certain words, intention.

2. Able to comfort

I will never forget the day I received the sad news of a friend. I sat down on the couch and tried to get myself together. I did not want to be completely immersed in sorrow, I tried to hold myself. But Jack turned to me, jumped up beside me, placed his little cheek gently on my hands and looked at me with his warm brown eyes. From his gaze I read, "Sadly, I am here and I sympathize with you."

I also found scientific evidence for this. Another study (the MTA-ELTE Comparative Ethology Research Group) examined the brain activity of dogs. It turned out that people and dogs respond to the voice of their breeders because there is a sensitive area in our brains and in our brains. Jack, of course, feels the voice of another dog first and foremost, but is intelligent enough to respond to my emotions.

3. I've never been disappointed

This also means that I do not have too high expectations of him. I am aware that he is a dog and not a man. But what a dog can know and love is all in Jack.

4. There is no doubt about the loyalty of dogs

Do you know the story of being able to wake up with their dead loved ones? Not an urban legend. He went to the press when one dog guarded his partner's body at the border of Nyírbogdány in January this year and another (in the United States) refused to move away from his dead puppy.

Dear Turay Ida told me that when her father was on the front line in World War I, his old dog was waiting for his owner to come home. When he arrived, he was very happy. The loyal dog left the next day ...

Portrait of a dog faithfully waiting for its owner on Pixgood
Portrait of a dog faithfully waiting for its owner on Pixgood

5. Jack even feels sick ...

... thanks to its sharp smell. (Although I have to say, I am very rarely sick.) Bitches sense changes in our bodies even when we don't even realize it may be a problem.

6. Helps maintain mental and physical health

As a proven fact, walking a dog triples the number of social contacts (even just a few sentences), which positively affects the host's relationships.

Here we are before the walk
Here we are before the walk

7. They are incredibly friendly when growing up in a loving environment

For example, kvass is considered by many to be wild and fearful. Well, I've seen one of this breed that was as gentle as a harrier. He never hurt anyone. True, the guarding of the house was not entrusted to make friends with unauthorized intruders ...

8. Humans have been respecting dogs since ancient times

We tend to forget that not only cats but also dogs were endowed with divine qualities by the ancient Egyptians. Just think of the dog-headed or jackal-head god of the dead, Anubis . Thousands of years ago, in Greece, it was believed that a huge three-headed dog called Kerberos guarded the gates of the underworld. (The Romans already knew him as Cerberus .) The Mayans believed that dogs were leading people's souls to the afterlife ...

Kerberos, Hades's helper, guarded the entrance of the underworld on an antique vase
Kerberos, Hades's helper, guarded the entrance of the underworld on an antique vase

9. Their adaptability is legendary

Children's playgrounds, young adult friends, lone or elderly support.

10. They work hard

Trained dogs are extremely skilled at helping blind and visually impaired people. They become great detectives. In the event of a catastrophe or a natural disaster, specially trained dogs are excellent rescuers. One of the most famous Hungarian dog heroes is Mancs, a member of the Spider rescue group in Miskolc. In 1999, he participated in an earthquake rescue mission in Izmir, Turkey, and was deployed following the 2001 earthquake in India and El Salvador. He was able to accurately indicate whether the professionals found the living or dead below the ruins.

He also received a paw statue on the banks of the Szinva stream in Miskolc. In 2006, Hungary's most famous dog died. Candles often burn in front of his statue.

Statue of paw
Statue of paw

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