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2009: The Abuse and Pain of an Innocent Cat

Updated on January 1, 2010

Why Do People Abuse the Innocent and Helpless?

It was December 31, 2009, the last calendar day of the year. My thoughts were rambling about events in my life throughout 2009. Not everything that happened was good, and certainly, not everything was bad. Actually, the scale tipped heavily with happy and memorable events that took place throughout the year. So, life was good and I'd bid ado to the old year fondly.

But, before that big red ball dropped, I had to run a few errands. Easy things, like a stop at the grocery store, grab a cable from an electronic vendor, stop by the vitamin shop for Vitamin E and Calcium (can't do without that), and a quick jog through one of the department stores.

At last, my mission was accomplished, and with bags swinging from my arms, I headed to my vehicle that was parked in the lot of the local mall. Just as I got within a few feet of my vehicle, I notice something that looked like a stuffed toy laying in the melted snow. Aw, I felt sorry for the little child that had apparently lost their toy.

But, as I got closer the bright blue, almost neon, eyes caught my attention.  Deciding to take a closer look, I saw that it was not a stuffed toy at all! It had been a living cat with a beating heart. Although it was discarded and lay in the melting slush from a previous snowstorm, it was quite evident that someone had killed and mutilated this innocent creature.

It's fur was soaked and dirty, and someone had skinned this innocent creature from just behind its front legs to the hind quarters. Whoever did this dastardly deed to this poor animal, apparently had knowledge of skinning techniques as there was no apparent slicing to the muscles or cavity organs.

And, this was not all this helpless young feline had endured. The person (and I use that term loosely) had cut its eyes out, and placed bright blue plastic eyes from a doll or stuffed toy in the sockets! My wishes of goodwill towards mankind had instantly took a downward spiral.

Is there any justification for torturing an animal?  Can someone explain the right to mutilate and kill the innocent creatures in this world?  I think not!  They have not asked to be here, but they have a right to their lives as much as you or I.

Many animals face a life of loneliness and fear, while struggling to survive.  They do not deserve the added abuse from the hands of a vile, despicable creature who walks on two legs, and is so called a human.

Is torture, abuse, and killing just another description of 'control?'  Do these acts make the monster feel superior and powerful?  The ones without a voice are powerless at the hands of these poor-excuses-for-people who live among us.

Pity the animals that have no voices or choices.  But, most of all, reach out and help the unwanted, abused or forgotten.  They have nothing, and can only get help from those of us that do have a voice and can take action. 


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    • ivori profile image

      Barbara Eisenberg 8 years ago from Titusville

      The cruel, heartbreaking acts of mankind are senseless and unnecessary. Thank you for your comment.

    • angela46725 profile image

      angela46725 8 years ago from Northern Indiana

      What a horrible horrible thing to have to see. Makes a person lose faith in mankind, I agree. As a wildlife rehabilitater I sometimes come across cases where the animal has been abused by a human. It breaks my heart.