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Komodo Dragons Endangered and Majestic

Updated on August 1, 2017
Komodo Dragon
Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragons

What a strange animal. A reptile by the name Varanus komodoensis (Komodo Dragon) is truly the only living Dragon on earth. Millions of years old, Komodos lived in the extremely challenging climate of Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands for millions of years. They were only discovered lately, about 100 years ago. And what a discovery! It is still surprising the world didn't know about these large lizards way before 100 years ago.

Quick Facts:

Type: Reptile

Diet: Carnivore

Average Lifespan in Wild: 30+ Years

Size: 10 feet

Weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)

Speed: 11 Mph (18 kph) in short bursts


Protection status: Endangered


Heaviest lizards on Earth, they have features like long flat heads with rounded snouts, scaly skin, bowed thick legs, and huge powerful tails. Dominant predators on the islands they inhabit and eat almost any living creature. Mostly they eat carrion, deer, pigs, smaller dragons, and even water buffalo. Some people even add humans to that list! Hunting they depend on camouflage and sit and wait for pray to come. When the time to attack comes, the dragon springs using its powerful legs, accurately sharp claws, and serrated, shark-like teeth to eviscerate its prey. The reason why it’s so deadly is whatever it bites, even if fled to escape after the bite wouldn’t even live for 24 hours. See, Dragon saliva contains over 50 strands of bacteria causing the bitten prey to die of blood poisoning. Dragons don’t run after there pray, after bitten they slowly follow them for miles even tracking them with there keen sense of smell to locate the corpse. These guys aren’t light eaters in the least. These guys can take in 80 percent of its body weight in one sitting! If it weighed 150 lbs it could eat 120lbs at one feeding! It just goes to show you to never cross paths with a Komodo.

Komodo Dragon Skin Close-up
Komodo Dragon Skin Close-up

Worldly Status:

Komodo Dragons have a steady population of approximately 3,000 to 5,000. They are found mostly on the islands of Komodo, Gila Motang, Rinca, and Flores. A dearth of egg-laying females have less Komodos being born. This, with poaching, human encroachment, and natural disasters has sent the Komodo Dragon to endangered status!

Komodo Dragon Breeding ©National Geographic

Baby Komodo Dragon
Baby Komodo Dragon

Help the Earth

If you wish to help the Komodo Dragon and help all of the world's animals and ecosystems Donate to the WWF.

Comment if ya want, all are appreciated.

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    • profile image

      justin 5 years ago

      komodo dragons are super cool

    • profile image

      manish 7 years ago

      what is the percent of poison in komodo dragn and black kobra

    • profile image

      bob 8 years ago

      jt ohh my god

    • Dorsi profile image

      Dorsi Diaz 9 years ago from The San Francisco Bay Area

      I've always been fascinated with the Komodo Dragon but I sure would not want to bump into!!

      Great hub. Thumbs up!

    • profile image

      Jonno.Norton 9 years ago

      Wow those things are pretty much dinosaurs.

    • Constant Walker profile image

      Constant Walker 9 years ago from Springfield, Oregon

      Truly awesome creatures. Great hub!