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Why A Dachshund Makes A Good Pet

Updated on May 12, 2015

You have to admit, Dachshunds are like the cutest creatures on the planet. If you can look at one and not smile, there's some part of your humanity missing. Dachshunds belong to a special breed. What make them special are their almost human sensitivity trait and their endless energy. These cute canines are extremely loyal. They make amazingly great pets for people who can actually match their boundless energy and appetite for pure fun.

Profiling a Dachshund

The name dachshund is of German descent and basically means "Badger Dog." Traditionally used as hunter dogs to sniff out prey from deep burrows, these dogs have an exceptionally acute sense of smell and cannot be persuaded away for anything else until they have identified the origin of the scent. They are generally found in the colors red, tan, and black.

To say that dachshunds are cute and affectionate would just be understating a fact. They are essentially pack creatures and actually enjoy company and owners swear by the fact that nobody or nothing can love them like their dachshunds. These canine companions are generally most happy when they are in a family with children and even other dogs. In fact, they go along well with other dogs better than other breeds and include them in their pack.

Why They Make You Laugh

There's nothing like having a doxie waiting for you at home after a long and tiring day at work. They can actually turn your day around. They are actually happy to see you and can even pick up on your mood, performing little tricks just to make you smile. Apart from that, here's how dachshunds are great at spreading the cheer around.

They Are Generally Great with Strangers

It probably depends on the family they grow up with, but dachshunds generally hold the notion that they are the center of everybody's universe and if they sense that a visitor to your home is a friend (they pick up on that pretty quick) they unleash their bag of charm on them and will do anything to get their attention. Their antics will have you in splits regardless of what mood you are in.

They can get even the most timid people to open up to them and this is why these cutie pies are great to hang around the house. Beware though and don't be fooled by their cute antics. If they sense that somebody is not welcome to their home, they can very well switch to their aggressive side and that doesn’t always look very pretty.

Dachshunds Love Kids

This is especially the case with dachshunds that grow up in a home that have small children. They attach themselves to the kids pretty quick and before you know it, they are inseparable. Dachshunds and kids are the perfect combination in terms of playmates. This is basically because they both have the same boundless energy to keep each other occupied. You will seriously be thankful you have these dogs around if you have little kids.

They are extremely protective of your children and keep them entertained for hours together. They also tire together, which means you can be sure they (and you) have a good night's sleep. Dachshunds are perfectly safe to have around kids. You just have to make sure that your kids know how to hold them around their back as doxies are nervous when they are not held with adequate support to their back.

Dachshunds Have Distinct Character Traits

They are almost human like when it comes to personality traits. They are blindly loyal to their pack. In fact they are protective about everybody on your block. They actually have a sense of humor. You have to actually be around one for a couple of days to actually believe this. They can pull pranks on you and can have you up in splits with just a stare.

Another thing that makes them funny is that they are stupidly brave. They just don't believe that size matters and will pick up fights with creatures ten times their size. They can also be unbelievably stubborn. They are okay with taking orders from you, but at some point, they will put their foot down to have their way with you.

At the end of the day, these cute canine buddies can bond with you and create a relationship like no other. They are a great addition to the family and will certainly make your life a lot easier to live despite all the fuss they make.


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