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5 Best Family Dog Breeds

Updated on February 22, 2017
Golden retriever puppy sprinting threw the high grass.
Golden retriever puppy sprinting threw the high grass. | Source

The Golden Friend

Golden Retrievers are super sweet dogs who aren't wary of new people, perfect for a couple planning on having more children. However if your looking for a guard dog, this would not be the right choice because your dog would make friends. Golden retrievers are intelligent and eager to please their owners which makes them an easier dog to train. So if your looking for a dog that your child can run around the backyard with while you cook dinner, these kind hearted friends are the way to go!

Beautiful white pug playing in the summer.
Beautiful white pug playing in the summer. | Source

Love For The Pug

Pugs are and even tempered dog breed, making them perfect for energetic kids. This small breed is not only a serene little guy but a great friend. With their squishy faces and popularity in movies, the pug is making its way into children's hearts everywhere. Being a little more durable than other small dogs, there is not such a huge fear of small kids causing any accidental harm.

Sitting pretty for a photo.
Sitting pretty for a photo.

Classic Wiener

This classic little dog has always been a family favourite among many families. Dachshunds are silly little dogs who never let you down on entertainment. These dogs are perfect for small areas and almost any age of child. Beware of stairs if you have high stairs it can cause them health problems depending on the individual dog. With their short hair most dachshunds typically do not shed very much, which is great if you do not want to vacuum everyday. Being a courageous dog they will stick up for the family even though they are so tiny. These clever dogs are the perfect companion for any family.

Ready to make friends.
Ready to make friends. | Source

The Strong Bonder

Beagles are known as being a hunting dog and working well in a team. Being a bit more of a stubborn dog they are not as easy to train as other dogs on this list. But their positive personality traits outnumber the negative. Beagles are able to form unbelievable bonds with their owners and fellow pets. These friendly dogs are full of energy and are always ready to start a tug a war. Known to be amazing around all ages of children, beagles are perfect for kids who need an energetic dog and a best friend.

The famous Lassie.
The famous Lassie. | Source

Make You Happy

Collies are like an over achieving human, in the aspect of they are super eager to please you. This highly intelligent dog can be difficult as a puppy but once house trained can do amazing things. This is another breed that can run around your backyard with the kids while protecting them at the same time! This patient dog can handle young children learning how to be around animals!

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