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5 Best Puppy Teething Toys

Updated on October 24, 2015

How Long Do Puppies Teeth?

Puppy teething is a challenging time for both owners and their new puppies. Teething begins at 11-12 weeks and typically lasts until the puppy is five to six months old. During this phase of your puppy's development, the gums will be inflamed and the puppy may feel feverish at times.

These five puppy chew toys have been selected for durability, level of interest for the average pup and their ability to bring relief to your puppy's aching jaws as he cuts his new teeth. To avoid over stimulation and maintain interest in his toys, develop a rotation schedule, so that he only has access two two to three toys at a time.

Puppy entering the teething stage; quick put something in his mouth!
Puppy entering the teething stage; quick put something in his mouth!

Chilly Bone - Most Soothing Teething Toy for Puppies

The Multipet Chilly Bone comes in two sizes, small and large. It is made from a rugged cotton canvas material covering a non-toxic freezable gel pack. Wash the bone to get it wet, place it in a zip lock or plastic bag in the freezer overnight, and you will have up to two hours of soothing chewing pleasure for your dog. The larger size will stay frozen a little longer. On average, if the bone is chilled for two hours, you can expect it to stay frozen for 15-20 minutes.

For durability, we tested the chilly bone in four households. In 3 homes the chew toy has lasted 4 months and counting. In one home, the bone covering ripped after two and a half months. Still, that's not a bad lifespan for a relatively inexpensive toy.

All of the puppies tested loved the bone. The packaging says it is vanilla flavored, and although we could not detect the scent, the dogs superior noses appeared to detect something we were missing. Puppies chewing on the Chilly Bone looked calmer and most content when chewing on this particular toy. We recommend purchasing two of them, so one can chill while the other is in use.

Beyond the teething phase, the Chilly Bone makes a great toy for cooling down dogs on hot days and after bouts of furious exercise.

The Chilly Bone Teething Toy Comes in Two Sizes
The Chilly Bone Teething Toy Comes in Two Sizes

Don't be tempted to substitute old socks or wash clothes that have been moistened and frozen for dog toys. Using household objects that you don't want to see destroyed, only teaches him that clothing and linens are acceptable dog toys. Dogs can't tell the difference between old and new.

Kong Puppy Classic - Most Durable Chew Toy

The Kong Puppy Chew is the most versatile and durable puppy chew toy on the market. We have one that has been traveling around the back yard for 8 years. It keeps reappearing every month or two, always in excellent condition.

This toy can be filled with peanut butter and frozen to add a soothing effect. While it won't stay frozen as long as the Chilly Bone, digging the peanut butter out of the Kong will keep your puppy occupied for 30 minutes or more. Puppies also love the unpredictable bounce of the Kong Classic Toys.

The Kong Puppy Chew Toy Comes in Blue and Pink. Both Colors are Equally Durable
The Kong Puppy Chew Toy Comes in Blue and Pink. Both Colors are Equally Durable

The Kong Classic toys are excellent for crate training exercises and for teaching fetch games. Puppy Kongs come in three sizes, so be sure to get a size that will be large enough for your dog once he ends the teething phase at six- seven months of age. The small size is appropriate for toys and teacups, medium for shelties and sheba inu, and large for dogs up to 50 pounds when full grown. Large breeds and bully breeds would do better with the Kong original (red) or Kong Extreme (black).

The few reviewers that had Kongs that smelled terrible and melted in the sun, most likely purchased counterfeit items from China. Kong is proudly made in the USA!

Best Selling Nylon Bone - Benebone Bacon Flavored Wishbone Chew Toy

Magically infused with real bacon flavor, the only ingredients in the Benebone Bacon Wishbone are bacon and nylon. More durable than the Nylabone puppy bones, these have ridges to help the puppy grip the bone with his teeth.

The unique shape of the bone adds interest and allows it to be used as a tug toy for interactive play and teaching "Leave It". This toy can be used into adulthood, while many of the Nylabone puppy products need to be removed once adult teeth are in place.

The Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy Is Ideal for Heavy Chewers.
The Benebone Wishbone Chew Toy Is Ideal for Heavy Chewers.

As with any of the nylon chew products, the Benebone should be discarded if it develops large cracks or if a chunk has be gnawed off of it. This is another great chew toy made in the USA!

Best Chew Toy with Moving Parts - Nylabone Puppy Teething Rings

Young dogs love to shake and chew on these toys in equal measure. This is the toy they like to carry around, drop down the stairs, flip in the air and pounce upon. The moving parts add interest, and puppies love the rattling sound it makes.

These teething ring toys come in 4 sizes and configurations. Petite is for teacups and toys, small is for small breed puppies, medium for 20-39 pounds at adulthood and large for up to 50 pound breeds when full grown. Large and giant breed puppies will need to graduate to the Galileo Woof and Souper series.

Nylabone Teething Rings and Teething Key Rings Are a Puppy Favorite.
Nylabone Teething Rings and Teething Key Rings Are a Puppy Favorite.

The Nylabone puppy teething products are designed specifically for soft milk teeth, and should be removed once the adult molars are in place.

Best Small Breed Play and Chew Toy - Kong Snugga Wubba

The thick fleece covering on the Kong Snugga Wubba gives a soothing soft chew for young dogs cutting their teeth. You can even moisten them, freeze them and voila - a new frozen treat for Fido!

They love the octopus design of the toy, and shake it as though they had live prey to dispatch with. These are excellent for teaching fetch games as well. Large breed puppies will need to graduate to the Kong Classic Wubba series. These are very durable toys for heavy chewers of all breeds and ages.

Kong Snugga Wubba Chew Toy Ideal for Young and Small Breed Puppies
Kong Snugga Wubba Chew Toy Ideal for Young and Small Breed Puppies

The tough canvas covering of the Kong Puppy Wubba is very durable and works well for small breed adult dogs as well.

Kong also has a series of Wubbas for adult dogs. Incredibly durable, these toys have survived where indestructible toys made of fire hose material have failed.


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