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5 Good Reasons to Spay Your Dog

Updated on October 5, 2012
Me and Shadow, my favorite patient!
Me and Shadow, my favorite patient! | Source

Spaying Your Dog

A spay (or getting your female dog "fixed") is a procedure in which the uterus and ovaries are surgically removed. The surgery itself is a major procedure and recovery could take about 7-10 days, but the benefits of spaying your dog far outweigh the risks. Dogs who are spayed at a younger age seem to recover faster than older ones. There are so many good reasons to spay your dog!

Please spay and neuter your pets!
Please spay and neuter your pets! | Source

Why Should I Spay My Dog?

1. Breast Cancer

Yes, dogs can get breast cancer too. And the longer they live without being spayed, the higher their chances of coming down with cancer become. Mammary gland tumors tend to be highly malignant and can grow to very large sizes in short amounts of time.

2. Pyometra

Pyometra means "pus in the uterus". Sound disguisting? It is. This condition can occur in unspayed females at any time, but usually affects older dogs. It is a life-threatening condition. Dogs become very sick with fever and lethargy. If an emergency spay surgery is not performed on the dog quickly, she could lose her life.

3. No More Doggy Diapers!

That's right, you won't need to buy anymore doggy diapers or make your canine companion parade around in a pair of panties. She may roam freely through the house without you having to worry if she will dirty your furnitire or carpets while she is in heat.

4. Helps to Maintain a Healthy Weight

Intact females have a tendency to be leaner than those who are spayed. Some may even appear to be too thin. This is because they have a higher metabolism. After you get your dog spayed, remember that she could become too fat if not fed properly.

5. Reduces Pet Overpopulation

Yes, everyone loves puppies. There are many people out there who think "I would like for her to have just one litter, she would make the cutest babies!" Trust me, this thinking is selfish. There are plenty of unwanted dogs out in the world being euthanized everyday due to pet overpopulation. If you spay your dog, you are helping overcome this problem.

My dog Shiner.
My dog Shiner. | Source

Spay Your Dog!

If you had any doubts before about getting your girl fixed, I hope that you don't now. Increase her life expectancy by helping her to live a healthier life. Quit wasting your money on training pads and diapers. Don't forget that you'll be doing everyone a favor by not overpopulating the world with more unwanted pets! Spay your dog!


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