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5 Great Birdfeeders

Updated on November 2, 2022

I can still remember watching the birds hang out round the bird-feeder we had in the side yard when I was a kid. I also remember watching the squirrels have a go at the feeder when the birds weren't around. Either way I had a lot of fun watching them eat. I don't why we humans find it so interesting to watch wildlife eat something we set out for it, but we do, don't we? So if you'd like to watch your local birds eat, have a look at these modern and hip bird-feeders. You're sure to find one that will suit your needs.

Birdscapes Panorama Feeder

This sleek little bird-feeder from Birdscapes can hold up to 4.5 pounds of birdseed. It's got two feed/seed ports so you can actually attract two kinds of birds. And you won't be feeding the birds with this model because it's got a special trademarked lock to keep them out. (But it might be nice if you'd feed them separately cos squirrels get hungry too, you know!) The plastic casing is shatter-poof and the feeder should be cleaned bi-weekly.

Birdscapes Tulip Lantern Feeder

The Birdscapes Tulip Lantern feeder can hold a whopping 6 pounds of birdseed! The trays are clear so you can easily see when they need to be re-filled. And the special top will keep the squirrels out. 6 birds can sit comfortably and feed at the same time with this feeder and it can be hung easily with the squirrel-proof wire hanger. Due to some of the reviews at Amazon it's worth noting that you might want to keep this feeder in a sheltered area where the seed won't get wet because some people noted that the water didn't always drain well after a rain.

Birdscapes Paul Revere Feeder

Oh, I just love this little bird feeder! It's so adorable! Patriotic and colonial in style, it holds about 2.5 pounds of birdseed. You can hang it or mount it on a pole. It's not totally squirrel proof but if you don't mind sharing, then it shouldn't be an issue! But the feeder itself is so cute and adorable you'd almost want to just hang it in your kitchen so you could look at it up close all day!

Bird Quest Spiral Feeder

This very nifty and cleverly designed birdfeeder allows lots of birds to feed at once. The birds actually enjoy climbing down the spirals! The lid is squirrel proof, too. It's 36 inches tall and no assembly required. Just fill her up and feed the birds!

Red Cardinal Bird Feeder

Seeing this cute little bird feeder made me realize it's been an eternity since I've seen any colorful birds. Europe has versions of some of the N. American birds but they aren't so brightly colored and I haven't seen a Red Cardinal, Red Robin or Bluejay for ages and ages. I'd love to have some Red Cardinals around to set this birdfeeder out for! It holds 2.5 lbs of sunflower seeds, and can feed up to 20 birds at once!


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